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When In Rogue is a four player co-op roguelike centered around four custom dungeon themes. The randomized dungeon themes are composed of hundreds of pieces, randomly selected win conditions and randomly generated monsters inside the dungeons for unlimited potential of possibilities. Each player is able to select one of many custom playable classes and can mix and match any number of combinations. Upon completion of a dungeon your team will be met with an enormous boss that will take both the mental prowess of using the environment to your advantage and teamwork to slay them and unlock the next theme.


When In Rogue opened for alpha testing on June 21st 2014 after being in development for 10 months. To date When In Rogue has the largest codebase of any game on Shotbow.


  • A four player co-op experience with randomly generated dungeons, completely custom AI, and boss fights.
  • Four custom dungeon themes and four mega boss fights to conclude each of the dungeon themes.
  • Persistent characters. Killing monsters rewards you with gold which can be used to purchase permanent upgrades to your character, allowing you to venture further on your next attempt.
  • Unique classes that have a variety of abilities.
  • MOBA PvP Mode. Take your existing character from the PvE dungeons straight in to a complete and fully functional 4v4 MOBA. Our classes are designed with pvp AND pve in mind.


Dungeon Generation Preview YouTube


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Monetization Permission

Shotbow allows for the contents of When in Rogue to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from When in Rogue is legally & explicitly allowed by Shotbow. This permission can be found in writing at http://shotbow.net/presskit/sheet.php?p=when_in_rogue.

About Shotbow

At Shotbow we strive to push the boundaries of Minecraft multiplayer gaming to limits never seen before. We develop full fledged games inside the engine that keep players engaged for years with continual updates and experiences they can’t acquire anywhere else. We are not limited to Minecraft though and continue to strive and broaden our craft to new and exciting technologies. Our goal is to create engaging, smart, and rich entertaining games and applications that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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When in Rogue Credits

Matt Sundberg
Lead Designer

Austin Smith
Lead Developer

Johnathan Baily
Lead Level Designer, Creative Lead

Joseph Grossman
Lead Level Designer, Web Designer, Customer Support

Navarr Barnier
Lead Web Developer

Matteo Pezzotta
Community Manager

Travis Armstrong
System Administrator

Arthur Cole-Fontayn
Level Designer

Scott Buggy
Level Designer

Edward Watson
Level Designer

Heather Wright
Level Designer

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