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WiR: Monsters

Jul 14, 2015
WiR: Monsters
  • WiR: Monsters

    Standard Monsters

    Angry Creepers
    When they spot the player, they will give chase at high speeds and, when close enough, detonate. Their explosion is very powerful, but blocking will cut this damage greatly. Their explosion also hurts other monsters around it as well. Even if killed, the creeper will explode at the location of its body.

    Attack by hitting the player. They have a far sight range and when attacked, will call on all Zombies within a large area of itself. Can wear a variety of armor and can wield weapons. Typically the farther in the dungeon, the more damage they do and the harder they become to kill. (Physical Attack)

    Skeleton Archers
    Wielding a bow, they attack with range. They can deal a large amount of damage deeper in the dungeon. They can wield a variety of armor pieces. Typically the farther in the dungeon, the more damage they do and the harder they become to kill. (Ranged Attack)

    These attack with range as well, but with a magic circle instead. Once they spot the player, they will create a magic circle around the player with the center particle spreading to the outside circle. Once completed, it will erupt a flurry of particles and damage the player. This can also damage other monsters as well. (Magical Attack)

    Attacks by jumping in to the player. Spawned in The Slime room by hatching from slime eggs (emerald blocks). (Only available in Stronghold dungeon) (Physical Attack)

    Once spotting the player, they will stay still momentarily, then pounce at the player at incredible speeds, leaving a trail of red particles behind. (Only available in Jungle dungeon) (Physical Attack)

    Shield Wizard
    While they don't attack the player, they will magically enchant a random enemy with an invulnerability shield. This is noticed by the monster having a circle of purple particles surrounding them along with a trail of purple particles leading to the wizard casting the spell. The only way to rid of the spell is to kill the Shield Wizard itself. (Only available in Jungle dungeon)

    Mini Bosses

    Slow moving zombie. Moving close to this creature will slow you down. May protect a key. (Only available in the Stronghold dungeon) (Physical Attack)

    Skeleton King
    Slow moving skeleton. Does not use a bow to attack; damage dealt through melee. Attacking it will not hurt it, but will spawn 3 bones every hit. Leaving them will create a skeleton for each bone. Killing the skeletons spawned will damage the Skeleton King. Stepping on the Skeleton King bones will destroy them and hurt him. May protect a key. (Only available in the Stronghold dungeon) (Physical Attack)


    The Slime
    After spawning, it will use a slam attack (similar to the MineZ giant slam). Will continue to use this attack throughout the fight. Similar to the witch's magic circle attack, The Slime creates a green particle circle with green particle trails leading to the circle which indicates an attack. Circle attack can attack multiple players at one time. If hit many times, it will spawn slime eggs (emerald blocks) which crack and spawn slimes. After reducing health to 50%, it will break the bridges. Attacks remain the same throughout fight. (Stronghold boss) (Physical Attack) (Magical Attack)