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Wiki Templates

May 17, 2013
Wiki Templates
  • Templates are used like BBcode on the wiki. The following shows how to use templates.
    [template=something] parameter=Stuff [/template]
    something is the name of the template, parameter is the parameter defined in the template and Stuff is the text that will replace it. The equals sign is necessary for it to work. Multiple parameters can be used, but they must be separated by a pipe |

    Example usage(top)

    One of the more popular templates that will probably be used constantly is the needsinfo template. Here's an example of how it is used.
    [ template=needsinfo] comment=This page needs stuff added to it [/template]
    Which (without the space in front of template) would produce:
    This page currently has missing or incorrect information.
    Please help by providing any info you can.

    This page needs stuff added to it
    needsinfo is the name of the template, and comment is the parameter you use to tell people what needs to be done.

    Template list(top)

    A list of the templates for the public to use.


    needsinfo template

    comment - The comment that will appear in the template saying what needs to be done.


    loctable template. The same table of stuff you see in MineZ location pages that contains the general info and chest counts.

    x - X coordinate
    z - Z coordinate
    zombies - Zombie threat level
    chests - Number of chests for the area
    graves - Lootable graves in the area
    buildings - Number of buildings in the area
    The rest is easy to figure out, see the copy.
    Use this check and X for marking stuff after you reach water=.


    Usage Copy:
    [template=loctable] |x=


    ibox template, for displaying a 32x32 image of a minecraft item. Not necessary unless you like the inventory box.

    i - The image's name to be displayed. .png is already included, so using apple will show apple.png. Don't leave blank.
    t - A title for the image (the tooltip popup.) If you don't want one just include t= and leave it blank.
    n - The number to be displayed in the bottom right as if it were a stack. If you don't need it just include n= and leave it blank.

    [template=ibox] i=apple | t=A shiny red apple | n= [/template]


    bbox template. The same as ibox, but with no parameters, it's an empty version of the box.

    [template=bbox] [/template]

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