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Wasted: Teams

Dec 10, 2013
Wasted: Teams
  • Teams
    Wasted consists of four teams and the Independents. The team you are in affects Your helmet color and your nameplate color when using mechs. You can select a team on the signs to the left and right of the town signs.
    You can identify your teammates by their name color. Green will always be on your team, and Red is your enemy. You can also identify them afar by looking at their helmet color.
    Shooting your own teammates (Green names) will cause you to take 50% of the damage you would have dealt, the teammate will take none. Think before you shoot.

    When you join a team the chat will give you death messages relevant to your team, this includes the Independents. The means if a teammate kills someone or gets killed, you'll know.

    Nightmare - Nightmare's team color is black. This means the color of their helmets are black. Commonly referred to by Independent players as "Noobmares."

    Initiative 1 - Initiative 1's team color is blue. This makes the color of their helmets blue.

    Cobra - Cobra's team color is teal, making their helmets teal.

    Power Rangers - Power rangers use the color magenta for their helmets. They are often the smallest team for the same reason nightmare is often the largest team, the name and team color.

    Independents - Independents use the color orange for their nameplates, but their helmets are just normal leather helmets (brown). This 'team' does not have teamkilling, as it is you vs. everyone. This means that if you are an independent, no one is on your team, though you can still talk with other independents in the team chat mode. You can still use /group to make a group of independents with your friends, and they will be your teammates.

    You can group up with members of your own team, or other independents, with the /group command.
    Typing /group invite (player) will invite said player to your group. The other player can then either type /group accept to join you or /group decline. If a player accepts your invite then a group will be made with you as the leader.
    To disband a group, the leader must type /group disband or all members must leave. If a member leaves the server they will automatically leave the group, and if the leader leaves the group is disbanded automatically.

    When grouped, members can switch their radio to group chat to talk only with other group members. If independents group, their group will be treated as a team, including the green names and friendly fire ricochet.
    Groups are important for players with the Squad Leader class, as being leader of a group enables their members to spawn on their position.
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