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Wasted: Objectives

Jun 11, 2014
Wasted: Objectives
  • This page currently has missing or incorrect information.
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    Info for the Damaged Goods objective. Also need how long an objective needs to go untouched for failure.

    Objectives are a part of Wasted meant to give players a goal and reward them with high tier weapons and gear. All players in the server are notified in the chat when an objective begins, they are given the type and coordinates to it. The compass in the inventory will also give the coordinates, distance and points toward the current objective. Only one objective is active at a time, and once a player either completes the objective or if it gets left alone too long, it will end and a new objective begins approx. 3 minutes later. A map with possible locations for a objective can be found at https://i.imgur.com/YKv0nNA.jpg
    Every server has a countdown which can be seen from the lobby or by typing /timer in the server. This countdown starts at 4:00:00 (4 hours) when the map resets, and when it reaches 0 the next objective will be the final objective.

    Reoccurring Objectives(top)

    Drop Zone(top)

    A dropship with high tech weaponry is circling X, Z
    It will only drop supplies if a team controls the drop zone
    - Get to the drop zone
    - Hold it until supplies are dropped
    - Grab and go!

    The drop zone for this objective is marked by an active beacon at the coordinates provided. When a player gets close to the DZ it will begin a countdown of 8 minutes. In order for the supplies to drop, the same player must stay within 25 blocks of the DZ for the whole 8 minutes. This 25 block radius also extends up into the air - so if a jet packer is more than 25 blocks higher than the DZ, they would lose control if they were capturing it.
    If the holder moves out of the 25 block radius or gets killed, they will lose control of it. The next player to come close will start the 8 minute countdown again, even if the player was with the original holder.

    If a player manages to secure a drop zone, a success message will appear in chat and several chests will be dropped from the sky containing guns & ammo, and gear.
    Currently known drops include:
    - M249 + ammo (NATO)
    - M16 + ammo (NATO)
    - AA12 + ammo (buckshot 12ga)
    - SCAR-H + ammo
    - SCAR-H Scoped + ammo
    - M240L (Scoped) + ammo
    - Singularity Grenades
    - Jetpacks
    - PKP Scoped
    - Rocket Launchers + rockets
    - M79 + HE grenades
    - C4

    Weapons Cache(top)

    A weapons cache has been spotted near X, Z
    - Get to the cache
    - Retrieve the weapons
    - Get out of there

    The weapons cache contains a few chests with gear like you would find at a Drop Zone. Since there is no wait time for the chests, it is first come first serve. Grab what you want and run.

    -Currently known drops include:

    Damaged Goods(top)

    The "Damaged Goods" objective is one of the most important. It spawns a Mech that must be repaired using a Repair Kit, available at a Shopkeeper, or a Mechanics wrench. The Mech can also be destroyed simply by shooting it. If the Mech is Repaired or destroyed, a message will come up saying either "The Mech has been repaired." or "The Mech has been destroyed." signaling the end of the objective.

    Final Showdown(top)

    ----------FINAL OBJECTIVE----------
    A diamond has been deposited at X, Z
    Secure that diamond for your team!
    - Get to the diamond
    - Hold it until extraction can be arranged
    Your location will be visible to all
    players while holding the diamond.

    This is it, the final objective for the map. A diamond will be placed in a chest at the coordinates and a countdown will begin (don't worry about it.) When a player grabs the diamond, the clock will start a 30 minute countdown (no matter what it was at before.) When held by a player the compass will provide their location and point at them, and a location update will appear in chat every 30 seconds.
    If the diamond is destroyed/despawns before extraction, it will automatically reappear at the original spawn point.

    The countdown won't reset if the holder gets killed, and the team of whoever is holding the diamond when the countdown runs out will be declared the winning team. The server will reset 30 seconds after this. The player holding the diamond at the end will get a rose placed in their hotbar in place of the diamond for winning, but no XP will be awarded.

    If the diamond is left alone, the countdown will run continuously, resetting at 60 minutes each time it reaches 0. This means a game can run indefinitely as long as nobody grabs the diamond.
    A bug can occur where the diamond gets permanently destroyed, resulting in a game that doesn't end until an admin resets the map.