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Wasted: Money

Dec 15, 2014
Wasted: Money
  • Money is a form of currency in Wasted, used to buy items from the shopkeeper.
    In-game, money looks like cash [IMG] (or regular gold if you don't use the server resourcepack [IMG])

    Earning money(top)

    At present, the only way to make money is to sell guns to PauseUnpause, the shopkeeper, at $25 per gun sold, regardless of value. (A player starts with $100 but can not drop it until a certain amount of time has passed) You can also kill somebody who has done this or has been alive long enough to get their money.

    Spending Money(top)

    At present, the only use for money is to purchase weaponry (prices varying from $50 to $1500 depending on weapon), purchase ammo ($50 for a stack of ammo for any gun, $100 per rocket for the rocket launcher, $100 per three grenades for the M79), and buy miscellaneous (Jetpacks for $3000, Kevlar III Boots and Legs for $500, Kevlar Chestplates for $1500, Repair Kits (repairing 400 damage to a vehicle) for $650). You can also buy a Spawn Beacon for $3000.