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Wasted: Beginners Guide

Jul 13, 2014
Wasted: Beginners Guide
  • So... what's this "Wasted" gamemode all about?

    Wasted is a Minecraft minigame in which four teams (There is really "Five" teams, but, the independents do not work as a team, and instead fight all alone, even against the same team!) spawn in a 6000x6000 map where you can do just about anything while fighting with guns, jetpacks, and even Mechs! Nothing in Minecraft can quite match it!

    - Guns: shotguns to pistols to LMGs
    - Cars (pigs)
    - Jetpacks
    - Mechs (Iron golems)
    - Kevlar (iron Armor)
    - A Highly Destructible Environment
    - Grenades

    And that's not even all of them.

    Wasted Gamemodes

    Wasted: Sandbox
    Wasted: Control
    Wasted: Gungame

    Getting Started: Wasted Sandbox
    (Images coming soon)

    When you first spawn, you will notice a P30 (Wooden hoe) and two Rations (Bread).
    If you open your inventory, you will notice a ton of items, don't worry!
    -The Money (Gold Bars) lets you see how much money you have and drop it.
    -The Radio (Ender Eye) lets you switch between chat channels, by default you spawn with local.
    -The Compass points to the objective and if you mouse over it you can see how far away it is.

    The first thing you want to do is scout out the area for enemies to make sure it is safe.
    -People with red names are enemies and people with green names are your teammates.
    -If the town is safe, start looking in houses for chests. Chests can contain many basic items such as guns, food, etc.
    -PRO TIP: You do not have to actually open chests, just left click them and they will break!
    -Tip for shop locations: If you spawn near the gun trader, name's PauseUnpause, you can use your $100 starting cash to buy a Mosin Nagant and 50 Rounds. The Mosin Nagant is a Bolt Action rifle that does enough damage to kill any enemy at any range if it is a headshot. (Keep in mind that you would probably be able to find guns like this pretty much anywhere, so this may not be the best idea)
    -"Sneaking" while firing makes your gun more accurate, and is good for reducing spray with guns like the Ak and M16.
    -Looking at ammo and the gun, you can sometimes guess about how much damage it will do. If your a gun nut like I used to be, you can see what rounds a gun uses, guess the approximate amount of damage, accuracy, and range! For example: you pick up a mp5, which is a 9mm Submachine Gun! then, you see a scar-h! a scar H uses rounds that fire at a higher velocity, so they will have better stopping power, and therefore do more damage. If you get just 1 or 2 shots on a opponent, the scar-H will take them out.