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Wasted: Control

Sep 6, 2014
Wasted: Control
  • Wasted Control, as of September 6th, 2014, is down for repairs.

    In Wasted: Control, two teams fight for command of a series of objectives. These objectives are usually landmarks, such as a castle or a military camp.

    The goal of The Subjects (red), is to capture all the objectives from HRC (blue), who try to hold the objectives until a timer counts down to zero.

    Taking an Objective(top)

    A flagpole stands at each objective. The flag's color indicates which team holds the objective. When a player gets close to a flag belonging to the opposite team, that flag is slowly lowered. If the player dies or leaves the flag's area before completely lowering it, the enemy flag will rise back up to the top of the pole. Once the enemies' flag is down, it will be replaced by that player's team flag. At this point, the flag will automatically begin to rise to the top of the pole, so the player can leave the area. Once a flag is at the top of the pole, the objective is officially captured.

    Once a stage is over, it's objectives no longer have any importance. There is no point in capturing an old objective.

    Winning A Stage(top)

    There are two objectives in a stage. The Subjects win a stage by having control of both objectives at the same time. At that point, the game moves onto the next stage. HRC wins the stage by preventing the Subjects from capturing both objectives.

    Winning The Game(top)

    There are four stages in a game. If HRC wins a single stage, the game ends, and they win. The Subjects win by capturing all four stages.

    The Stages & Their Objectives (SPOILERS)(top)

    The Battlefield: The 1st stage begins at the beach, and each stage takes place further inland. There are no trees, instead, large mushrooms dot the landscape. The map is littered with roadblocks, tanks, and abandoned vehicles.

    Stage 1: Red attacks from landing craft situated on a beach. The objectives are located behind hills that overlook the beach. Blue spawns a bit farther behind these objectives.
    • West Camp: It is surrounded by hills on all sides. It's buildings provide cover from rockets and grenades.
    • East Castle: It is embedded in the hillside. This puts people inside the castle at risk, as they are easy targets to people on top of the hill.
    Stage 2: Red spawns at the previous objectives. The current objectives are situated inside of a large clearing. Hills and Mushrooms provide cover to enemies and allies. Blue spawns close by, which often puts them at the mercy of Red spawn-killers.
    • West Trench: A small wall and an armored personnel carrier provide cover for attackers and defenders alike. People inside of the trench are at the mercy of those above.
    • East Wall: Hills on two sides provide cover for marksmen and rocket-launchers. A large wall provides cover to Blue against charging Reds.
    Stage 3: Red spawns at the previous objectives. The current objectives are located on opposite sides of a valley. Blue spawns at/near nearby military bases.
    • Center Castle: A large Tower and a circular wall provide cover to its defenders. But beware, debris from the Tower can easily crush defenders and attackers alike.
    • West Bridge: With a valley to the back; a wall to the front; and hills to the left and right, West Bridge is a difficult base to overrun. Attackers are forced to either go over a narrow bridge, charge through the gate, or expose themselves by climbing over the hills surrounding the objective.
    Stage 4: Red spawns at the previous objectives. Blue spawns in or around a large trench behind several hills.
    • West Camp: Most players, Red or Blue, will attack from the same side. This is because there is a hill on one side, a wall on another, and a large hole on another. Tents provide the only shelter.
    • East Camp: A fence provides some cover for the defenders. There is only one building inside of the camp, and those inside are easy targets for grenades.