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Wasted: Classes

Jun 3, 2014
Wasted: Classes
  • There are a total of 8 classes in Wasted. All classes get a special item they hold in the 8th slot of their inventory, except for Assault.


    Assault is the default class for everyone and costs no XP to use. Rather than having a special item, Assault has the special slot empty, meaning you can carry extra ammo that might come in handy.


    Engineers get a redstone block called a Construction Catalyst as their special item.
    They can left-click with this to start destroying the block they were pointing at, which takes approximately 5-7 seconds. The block is then dislodged without affecting the blocks above it, but it still falls and will cause damage to nearby people as normal.

    They can also right-click with the Catalyst to place it and it will begin to regenerate the natural (Non-ender building) blocks around it within a 6 block radius. The Catalyst then disappears when the job is finished.
    The catalyst is never used up, but you can't use it while it is in use. (Destroying/Repairing)

    The Engineer class is best for teams with a base, as they can repair damage fights will inevitably cause


    Mechanics are given a gold nugget called a wrench. [IMG]
    Using this wrench, they can repair cars, trucks and Mechs to full health. While driving a car/truck or operating a Mech, the health of it will gradually go up until it hits max.

    This makes a mechanic the desirable class when operating a Mech, since keeping its health high is vital. They're also good for the Damaged Goods objective, in which you must repair a broken Mech. This saves you from having to buy a repair kit from a shopkeeper.

    There is no cooldown between repairs of the mechanic, and the wrench recovers 10 health of a vehicle, allowing to use cars/trucks/mechs as meatshields by exiting the car, repairing and quickly hopping back in.


    Medics get a Bandage for their special item. [IMG]
    The bandage is a renamed piece of paper that gives the player the ability to revive teammates who are incapacitated on the floor. The medic can do this by continuously right clicking the downed player. It may take awhile to get them back on their feet, so try to save them as fast as possible before they respawn normally or their body goes away. The act of reviving a teammate rewards xp and does not work on enemy bodies.

    You have a cooldown of 20 seconds between revives, and every player has a cooldown of 3 minutes between revives.

    The issue with this class is if the hitbox of the dead body is in tall grass, you will be unable to revive your comrade.


    Navigators get a compass as their special item. [IMG]
    This allows them to navigate to objectives without switching to their inventory. They may also use it to scan their surroundings within 100 blocks for enemies, this is extremely useful for checking if there are nearby enemies at dropzones and scanning towns to assure no enemies are nearby to stop the teammates from spawning on said town.


    Scouts have a piece of nether quartz called a Cloaking Device as their special item.
    When right clicked the scout will cloak with 10 seconds of the Invisibility 2 effect and the game will play the enderman teleport sound. While you may think this shows your gun/armor, the devs used the vanish plugin so you are completely vanished to everyone else, the ability to see your gear in 3rd person and the effect is so you know you are cloaked.

    When the 10 seconds are up or if an enemy gets a line of sight on you (Looks at you.) the cloak will stop and play another enderman teleport sound.
    The cloak has a cooldown of 15 seconds between uses, starting from when you cloaked. So if you go through the full 10 seconds of cloaking, you'll have to wait 5 more seconds to cloak again


    Spec-Ops has a grapple as their special item. [IMG]
    This is a fishing rod that allows the player to hook onto higher ground, and fling themselves up to get up to that higher ground. This is used mainly for getting on top of buildings that normally cannot be reached or climbing over a mountain without a jetpack. This is useful for people who are sniping, as it gives them a height advantage and makes others unable to reach them.
    The grapple will never break on you.

    Squad Leader(top)

    The Squad Leader has a mobile spawn beacon as their special item. This is a beacon that is carried with them to allow group members to spawn in on them, as long as they are the group leader and no enemies are within 100 blocks of them.
    This is useful for teamwork and it is highly recommended to have your group leader use this class. This class is best used by staying back and avoiding fights to let your teammates spawn back on you when they die, as the beacon and the group's spawn in method dies with the player.

    Spawning on a Squad Leader's beacon is just like a regular beacon, just use /beacon to find out what number is their beacon. You can only spawn on it once every 5 minutes. You can also use the sign in the bottom-middle of the town signs to spawn on the squad leader.