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TOP 10 Most Dangerous Place In MineZ

Jul 7, 2018
TOP 10 Most Dangerous Place In MineZ
  • This page is UNOFFICIAL. It won't be altered or edited any further. The information on this page could be outdated.

    Here are the top 10 most dangerous places in MineZ!
    (This list does not contain dungeons!)

    10. Pileus
    9. Eillom
    8. Ridgevale
    7. Hell Tree - There's no water, no food, and you're surrounded by lava.
    6. Al Hasa - Most bandits play around this town.
    5.Agni Ignis - A lot of zombie & pigman spawners
    4. Ghost Ship - It's not only really hard to find but it is protected by 3 pigman spawners.
    3. Cave System - Lava, zombie- and pigmanspawners, Traps etc.
    2. Giant Camp - The Giant Spawns which can kill you in 2 hits spawns here.
    1. Castle Byesford - Zombies everywhere.