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Thannus Route

Dec 27, 2016
Thannus Route
  • Description: This route is for those who spawn between Portsmouth and Romero, although, you can do this route if you spawn as far as Carmi or in the Southern Desert. This route allows players to quickly gear themselves quickly for PvP, giant fighting, or Devil's Respite.

    1) spawn between Portsmouth and Romero
    2) collect a basic amount of gear with a moderate of food and instant health IIs
    3) sprint straight to Ridgevale while using a minimum amount of food; even if your food bars drop, try not to eat until you reach Ridgevale
    4) once you reach Ridgevale, enter the bakery and eat as much cake as you can and fill the rest of your inventory with food and try to obtain a stone sword or chain armor while there
    5) travel straight West up the slope of the mountain behind the bakery until you reach the the plateau between the two peaks of the mountain and travel North-East by about thirty meters then just head straight North until you reach the Ravine.
    6) go to the most South-Eastern corner of the Ravine and jump down slowly and carefully, watching your health; keep in mind that you WILL take fall damage, but it should NOT kill you unless you don't pay attention and take the smallest jumps
    7) once you reach the bottom of the Ravine, travel South in the Ravine and take the first left fork you see until you reach the town, Thannus
    :cool: gear up here as long as possible to collect all the gear you can (there is a secret room in the King's Tavern in which you need to drop an item in a hopper to open the door; the room has potions and water)

    Your inventory should be ideal for combat, giant fighting, or Devil's Respite. Happy surviving!
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