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Sunken Library

Aug 28, 2018
Sunken Library
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    Dungeon loot chest types and amounts


    Sunken Library is a difficult dungeon that needs 3 people to beat and a bit of coordination. It is located near Outpost Adera. The entrance to the dungeon is already a challenge to overcome, as one must submerge to get to the dungeon and not drown. it is very maze-like and contains a lot of puzzles, so taking the wrong turn or move could end up with you dying to zombie pigmen.

    Dungeon Information
    Coordinates (-3050, -3680)
    Difficulty 7.6/10
    Number of Chests 15
    Zombie Content High - Zombie Pigman Spawners
    Parkour content Low
    Puzzle/Trap Content Unbelievably High
    Minimum Players 3
    Other Requirements Bow and Arrows

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Dungeon Loot
    Legendary Dispenser 2
    Elite Dispenser X
    Dungeon Chests
    Dungeon Common ?
    Dungeon Uncommon ?
    Dungeon Rare ?

    Name Image Notes
    Peace [IMG] Has a chance to give you or who you attack Weakness II for 3 seconds on hit.
    Quiet [IMG] Makes a ghast sound when hitting a player.

    Video Walkthrough(top)

    A detailed walkthrough of the dungeon can be found here

    Text Walkthrough(top)


    • To enter the dungeon you must jump down into the water on the Southwest corner.
    • Immediately after you enter swim upward to get some air at the top of the room.
    • Swim down and take a right down the staircase and enter the book shelf on the left closest to you.
    • Grab some air and continue swimming down to the far corner of the room.
    • Take a left and grab some more air in the mini cave.
    • Finally follow the cave down to the cobblestone room and turn right. Continue straight till you see the stairs.
    Iron Door Room
    • To the left of the iron door behind the iron bars, push the stone button hidden above. This will open a piston on the right side.
    • Place items in that newly open window until the iron door opens (make sure to place non-stacking items as stacking items will count as the same item)
    • Once the door opens two pigmen will spawn so make sure to leave enough space between you and the door!
    The Maze
    • Your first goal is to get to X -3098 Z -3560.
    • Starting from the second row of water go right to the end of the hallway and take a left. Take your first right then your first left. Go all the way down the hall and take the only right possible and at the T intersection go left. Again, take the only left possible and at this point you should find yourself in a small room.
    Small Room
    • At the left of the room there are two stairs encasing a redstone torch. Throw an item on the wooden pressure plate and this should open up a button on the ceiling that you need to shoot.
    • The wall of the room will open up revealing some stairs to a new room.
    Button Plate Room
    • As the name suggests, this room requires you to step on plates, and shoot buttons.
    • There are 6 wooden buttons that need to be shot, but will only be accessible when standing on the stone plate adjacent.
    • 6 zombies will spawn when you shoot the buttons.
    • Have one person shoot the buttons and the others kill the zombies.
    • Once the last button is pushed 4 pigmen will spawn near the exit so run out and to the right as fast as you can.
    • Pushing the button next to the iron door will close and reset the Button Plate Room.
    The Crossroads
    • This is where the team must split up. Waiting in this room will be called side A and stepping on the pressure plate and moving into the next room will be called side B. Side B is much harder than side A.

    Side B(top)

    Staircase / Bookcase Room
    • Have all but 1 person do this side to increase chances of success (ultimately though you can decide how many people do what side)
    • Walk down the room and go to the furthest bookshelf on the left and have all but 1 person jump up into the little crevice on the wall.
    • On the opposite side where the players are next to the wall 1 player needs to push a button that is closest to the door and on the opposite side of the room where the players are. Then they can rejoin their team. Everyone should be holding W moving in the direction of the wall.
    • Pressing the pressure plate will have spawned a zombie in each crevice (including your own) and will have started a timer. There is a button above the players heads which you can push to open a door in front of you to move to the hallway.
    • Take a left and walk all the way down the hall and place an item on both wooden pressure plates.
    • The one on the left will open a door for team A to move through and the one on the right will allow team B to exit back into the maze.
    • This is the last time you will see team A so be sure to trade anything you need.
    • Proceed back the way you came and back out into the maze.
    The Maze
    • Go straight out from the exit and hang a right. Go left (the only way you can) all the way to the T intersection. Take another right and immediately go left and you should see an iron door. Make sure not to enter alone or you will get stuck
    • At the far right corner of the room you'll be able to see a wooden pressure plate. Put an item on the plate in the wall to the left and to the far right corner. These plates will hold open a ladder team A needs to climb up to continue.
    • If you go in solo there is a button high above the door which you can shoot to open the iron door again. If you have a team member they can stand at the door to let you out.
    • The plates will summon damage potions so be careful not to step on them !
    • Once team A has moved forward, turn around, take the first right and then the next right to find yourself back in the main room.
    The Maze Part 2
    • So by now team A is in a safe position and it's all up to team B.
    • Start heading in the opposite direction of the iron door where you entered the maze. Your goal is to make it to X -3010 Z -3590.
    • Take the first left and then the first right. Walk all the way down the hallway and at the T go left. Go left again and you should be in a small room.
    • Continue out the room, go left, and left again then immediately go right. The first right should have another room.
    • At the back of this L-shaped room there is a window with iron bars and cobblestone stairs. Place an item on the wooden plate inside that window.
    • The next objective is found at X -2955 Z -3558
    • Back at the entrance of the room take a right and then the first right after that go all the way down the hall and take a right at the really long corridor.
    • As you near the end of the hallway, start sprinting because there are pigman spawners nearby. Take a left at the T and then a left near the redstone. You should see a small hole on the right side near the wall, jump into that. If it is not open it is because the item you put in the window was not put in correctly.
    • Climb down the ladders and begin the next puzzle.
    Pillar Maze
    • In this puzzle you have to find all three wooden pressure plates and put items on them to open up the door.
    • The three plates are located at X -3003 Z -3550, X -3006 Z -3560, X -2894 Z -3550.
    • The door can be found at the opposite end of the ladder you entered.
    • Be careful because the zombie spawners here have a high chance of spawning pigmen!
    • Now that you've made it to the staircase, watch out because there is a stone pressure plate on the first few steps. If you step on this 6 pigmen will spawn at the bottom from the walls. Crouch and jump around the plate and continue up the stairs. There are no other dangers on the stairs.
    • There may have been zombies in here already so watch out for pigmen and zombies as it may have snowballed.
    Pressure Plate Hallway
    • Before you can even enter the hallway, you'll notice that a wooden pressure plate blocks your path. Once you step on it, 3 pigmen will spawn from the ceiling spawning zombies. Make sure these guys don't get into the pressure plate hallway or it will snowball.
    • The best way to approach this is to have 1 person stand on the plate and have the other players grenade the ceiling and kill remaining zombies. To do this alone fill your inventory with items that normally stack, throw one item on the plate that you won't pick up then kill all the zombies and proceed through to the hallway.
    • Try your best to avoid hitting any of the pressure plates in this hallway. Some spawn damage potions, slowness potions, zombies or even pigmen so beware.
    • After tiptoeing through the room you'll find a gold pressure plate. Place an item on that plate and this will let team A through. Then once team A has stepped on their plate meet up with them in the Quartz room.
    • If the room snowballs, there is an exit back to the main maze on the left wall but you will have to restart the entire dungeon if you go that way.
    • Sometimes zombies can wander into this room and snowball it so watch out for that!

    Side A(top)

    Staircase / Hallway
    • So you've chosen the easy side. Good work, there isn't much more for you to do other than not die of dehydration. Make sure you have at least 2 water bottles especially if this is the first time your team is attempting the hard side.
    • If team B fails, you'll be able to make it out alive so if your team has anything important make sure you hang onto it.
    • After team B goes into the room and activates the pressure plate, attract all the zombies and kill them with grenades or by hitting them. You don't want that room to snowball because team B walks by it later.
    • Team B will open up a door on your left and walk through that. Make sure to make any last minute trades because this will be the last time you see them before the loot room.
    • Walk up the stairs and continue down the hall till you find the iron bars.
    Iron Bar Room
    • This room is pretty straight forward.
    • The plates that Team A puts items on will open up a ladder for you to climb and proceed to another hallway.
    Hallway / Waiting Room
    • Follow that hallway till you find a stone pressure plate. Walk through the door and wait in that room.
    • After some time, team B will put an item on a wooden pressure plate on top of a gold block and some pistons will retract to open a door for you. Walk into the Quartz room and stand on the stone pressure plate to let team B though to meet up with you again.

    Getting to the second floor(top)

    Exiting the Quartz Room
    • Now that you're back together go quickly because you're standing above the loot room spawning zombies.
    • The pressure plate you are on holds the door open for the loot room so assign one person to stay there.
    • Everyone else must exit the same way Team B came in but this time go to the right side where there is a drop down.
    • You will be in a room with some books and a small pond. Find the button that opens the door back to the main library.
    Main Library (again)
    • Find the main room again and use the iron door as a reference.
    • Go the same way you went into the library the very first time when you were all together as a group but this time take the second right. When you see the redstone turn right again then the first right after that. You'll see a room with a table
    Table room
    • Under the table there is a pressure plate. Either shoot it or put an item on that which will open up a hidden doorway in the wall close to where you entered.
    • Follow the stairs till you see some iron bars in a square shape and go into the small room of books to the left.
    • Inside that room there is a wooden button you can either shoot or press which temporarily opens a wall to continue.
    Second Floor
    • You've made it to the second floor which is where the loot room is !
    • From here the door should be open because your friend is still in the room with the quartz.
    Loot Room
    • You'll notice a pressure plate right before you enter so you'll all have to enter at once. Once the pressure plate is pushed the door will close immediately behind you and lock out anyone who didn't go in with you. It will also reset the dungeon
    • Congratulations!
    • To exit there is a small hallway to the far right back of the room. After hitting the legendary dispenser pressure plate, dont stay too long because pigmen will spawn.
    • The person who stayed in the quartz room can meet up with the group the same way everyone else got to the main room.


    • Get to the second floor and then there is a stone button which you can find that opens a hidden door.
    • This will open a tunnel which you can walk through and drop you back to the iron door at the beginning which spawned the pigmen.
    • You can then reverse through the water the same way you entered.

    Travel Advisory/Warnings(top)

    • There are some Ruins nearby with a food chest inside them. They look a lot like the design of the dungeon, as it is composed of cobblestone, some wood and bookshelfs. A part of it is partially buried as well.

    Miscellaneous Images(top)

    A map of the main floor.

    Speed Run Times(top)

    Category Group Time Date Proof
    Any % - Group Fridge2177, Catsage, Ninja_Bacn 4:30 July 8th 2016 Link
    Speedless - Group Bamboozler, RJ_Exists, Zarnexith 4:49 August 23rd 2018 Link
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