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Feb 21, 2015
  • (Note: Extremely basic info. Edit it as much as you can to make it as amazing as ever.)

    Stronghold is the first dungeon of the game. Only tier 1 armor and weapons are allowed here (any upgrade after tier 1 will revert to tier 1. This does not include health or upgrades without tiers). Note: Mob spawns will be listed, but not mob descriptions. Please read WiR: Monsters for mob descriptions

    Level 1(top)

    This is the only linear level. Mobs spawn with terrible equipment. Level 1 will spawn:
    • Zombies (non-armored)
    • Skeletons (non-armored)
    • Creepers

    Level 2(top)

    Non-linear level. Mobs spawn with good equipment and a new mob will spawn. Level 2 will spawn:
    • Zombies (non-armored and armored)
    • Skeletons (non-armored and armored)
    • Creepers
    • Witches

    Level 3(top)

    Non-linear level. Mobs spawn with great equipment. Level 3 will spawn:
    • Zombies (non-armored and armored (enchanted appears broken))
    • Skeletons (armored)
    • Creepers
    • Witches

    Level 4(top)

    Non-linear level. Mobs spawn with best equipment and possibly deal more damage. Level 4 will spawn:
    • Zombies (armored (enchanted appears broken))
    • Skeletons (armored)
    • Creepers
    • Witches

    Level 5(top)

    Boss level. Only boss mob and baby boss mobs will spawn. Level 5 will spawn:
    • The Slime
    • Slimes
    Additional information: after The Slime's health reduces to 50%, you will need to locate the storage room at the entrance, which includes pickaxes able to break the blocks broken by The Slime.
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