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Qualifier: Match 02

Mar 30, 2018
Qualifier: Match 02
  • Match 2

    Raze vs PUx3 vs Luck vs The immorals

    Winner: Luck


    Raze PUx3 Luck The immorals
    DudetteKouhai KAKASIsennsei dedetyan_ Katagiryi
    Afterfestival_xd tomato_nrc _xLhea S0nne
    RAZE_Mor1ougai Tearo HoneyWorks maverick_J83
    klran 0SARA Goodquality Katagiri_Ryuuji
    _Hutongahuttonda 0kq 3ine RecycleShop
    DecisiveStrike Nao_Lovecat takaike kazuma0416
    MiraiAkari East_h yude yukitto
    KaguyaLuna qRzv_ OCHA_Tea Bloodmage_nabe
    _SilentNight Cup__ LaG1t Swapper_yujipon
    _SilentMajority yuusou Bladdiffang SyuMine
    _SilentMelon qR4z_ _78 ecilq
    _SilentHayha ? Napsta_ Katagiri_takaki
    Ryoryu25 ? tet0 Hqcking
    KITAGAWA_KEIKO ? makky_10 okonomiyaki_
    K1TAGAWA_KEIKO ? NE_Gl SoIorush

    Disclaimer: These rosters were copied from this post and might contain mistakes in regards to who played and who did not.


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