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Qualifier: Match 01

Mar 30, 2018
Qualifier: Match 01
  • Match 1

    #WAE vs SAMC vs OKS vs Lunatic

    Winner: #WAE

    OKS withdrew before the match started.


    #WAE SAMC OKS Lunatic
    AOBA09 Inferiority_Futa Pin4ChaN Lunatic_Flame
    ks_gomi miguma_24 shu0519 Lunatic_bahamut
    PaZu_0814 KANSUKE_JP ryou3570 kaim_mona
    reusu0613 Alicia_2736 Xx_tagu_xX Lunatic_Earth
    sioringooooooo_3 inferiority_tino Potechi_Master K_Z0PA
    shumai351 raitoMC_pvp tikatti ___caro___
    minto0430 spedio9318 ? Latte2525
    Arinko3 s5t ? Goma_2001
    qinto0627 FUZINAMI_KEIZOKU ? shirololi
    kuruton2117 iren0423 ? Renleo_
    Misaki_LOVE_Rei karukanfosb ? motikinako_7893
    Karuten1 _Ness1e ? Lunatic_Electro
    sinan0729 qarts_ifPlayer one ? Lunatic_keinisa
    aa12345 Iam_kill_streak ? UHC_0win
    ONEKAITO ? ? yyenikoyan

    Disclaimer: These rosters were copied from this post and might contain mistakes in regards to who played and who did not.


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