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Spooky Forest

Oct 3, 2018
Spooky Forest
  • [IMG]

    Forest has received a small rebuild for Halloween 2017/2018 and it's now Spooky Forest! Some of the houses now have farms. Giant candles have also been added to the ravine.
    For Halloween 2018, leaves have been added near the houses to make the roofs of the houses accessible, as the vines were removed, and the haze maze has been removed aswell.

    General Info
    Coordinates (-1500, -2000)
    Area Type Spooky Village
    Number of Buildings 11
    Zombie Threat Medium
    Number of Chests 37
    Lootable Graves None

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand
    Civilian Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests 5
    Food Loot
    Common Chests 5
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Potion Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Tool Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Military Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests 21
    Epic Chests 8
    Mythic Chests X
    Room Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X

    Travel Advisory/Warnings (top)

    • Using a wooden hoe on the crops inside the farms won't do anything.

    Trivia (top)

    • There used to be a haze maze south-west from the village, by one of the trees, with 5 mil_rares waiting at the end of the maze.
      • Once you entered the maze you'll get the blindness effect (hence the name, haze maze). The best way to get to the trunk of the tree is to hug the left side, get near the corner of the maze, then hug the Southern wall, then right side and finally try to make your way into the loot room.
      • Be wary, as zombies or even pigmen may be waiting for you inside or outside the maze. Same goes for bandits, as they can see you from outside the maze.
      • You can also use the zombies to kind of track your way in or back out.
      • You cannot grapple onto the loot room or on top of the maze, even if you manage to you won't be able to do anything important.

    Miscellaneous Images(top)

    Spooky Forest 2017 (Notice the haze maze in the screenshot)