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Aug 29, 2016
  • There are currently 29 different maps that can be played in SMASH, some are large and open, others are small and enclosed. Generally, the bigger the map the more players it can support. All maps can be accessed via the Lobby in unranked servers. There are also several maps that are unavailable and are not accessible for regular players. Below is a list of all the maps in order of how the appear in game.

    Icon Map Name Description Players Size
    [IMG] Arena Created by an ancient race to please their gods. 4 Small
    [IMG] Atrium This once tranquil haven now hosts brutal battles. 8 Medium
    [IMG] Beatbox Time for a beatdown in this crazy beatbox. 4 Small
    [IMG] Cathedral It's big, but is it "holey"? 12 Extra Large
    [IMG] Corrupted Once a beacon of peace, now a host for battle. 4 Large
    [IMG] Fort Sponge It may not be a fort, but it's made of sponge. 8 Large
    [IMG] Fortress People have fought over this for for centuries, its purpose is unknown. 6 Medium
    [IMG] Garden This small garden has some of the rarest plants in the universe. 4 Small
    [IMG] Gingersnap It's time for everyone's favorite holiday treat! 6 Medium
    [IMG] Highlands If you don't like high heights; be afraid. 4 Small
    [IMG] Ice Watch your step and bring a coat! 8 Large
    [IMG] Lava Spire It might look really evil, well that's cause it is... 4 Large
    [IMG] Library SHHHHH, No fighting in The Library! 8 Large
    [IMG] Netherfort Many seek fortresses such as this for potions, not today. 4 Small
    [IMG] Oculus Named for its tentacle-like formation, Oculus is a sight to behold. 4 Small
    [IMG] Overgrowth Over flowing with plant life! 6 Extra Large
    [IMG] Research Lab Rumor has it this lab is for testing Lazers, it’s only a rumor though. 4 Large
    [IMG] Ruins These beautiful Ruins were left by those of a far more advanced society. 5 Large
    [IMG] Sanctuary An ancient relic of beauty ready to be destroyed. 8 Small
    [IMG] Shroom Kingdom There is no better place in town to get a nice bowl of steaming mushroom soup. 8 Large
    [IMG] Smashmas - 52 Extra Large
    [IMG] Stonehold This sandstone vault is made to keep things from getting out, not in. 4 Small
    [IMG] Swamp You can smell it, and it’s not good. 4 Small
    [IMG] Temple This once sacred house now serves as an arena. 4 Small
    [IMG] The Cube Some say it is of alien origin others say they might not be wrong. 8 Large
    [IMG] The Ship A lone brig sailing the skies, why not have a battle on it? 6 Medium
    [IMG] Volcano Researchers claim this volcano is dormant, do you want to find out for yourself? 4 Small
    [IMG] White Chapel This decorative chapel is hot stuff for bridges-to-be everywhere, SMASH it up! 12 Extra Large
    [IMG] Yun Named for the Chinese word for "cloud", this close quarters map is both scenic and action packed! 4 Medium
    [IMG] Unavailable Maps Maps once playable now gone for their own reasons. - -
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