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SMASH: Oculus

Jul 17, 2018
SMASH: Oculus
  • Oculus
    Players: 4
    Spawnpoints: 4
    Size: Small
    Space: Open
    Dimensions: L 73
    W 73
    H 55

    Oculus is a very open map, therefore most battles do not last that long. Except if there are runners among your opponents. To avoid being knocked off the map you could fight on the stairs, this way the battles can often take very long and end up with a draw. Oculus is also one of the first community created maps by IamMcIovin and SynysterMystic.


    [IMG] [IMG]


    Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


    • This is a very open area, try to fight on the stairs if you are on high damage.
    • If you are good at parkour you can try to kill people when they are in the lower area of the map, it is safer to use a remote weapon though.
    • You can easily SMASH or throw people of the into the void on the outer ring.