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SMASH: Library

Jul 17, 2018
SMASH: Library
  • Library
    Players: 8
    Spawnpoints: 8
    Size: Large
    Space: Open
    Dimensions: L 41
    W 59
    H 23

    One the less played maps, Library is incredibly varied and enjoyable. The main center of attention is the building right in the middle, as it is where most battles tend to occur, both on the roof of the building and inside its cramped rooms. Surrounding this building are many bridges over free trips to the void, connecting to an outer ring where items can spawn. Above the main building is a bridge connecting the upper ring, where many items also spawn, comparable to the outer ring below, but is far more dangerous as there is next to no cover should someone hit you.


    [IMG] [IMG]


    Spawnpoints are indicated with red (outside) and blue (inside) dots.


    • SMASH or throw people off into the void when they are running on the outer ring. There are no fences or railings to prevent them from flying off.


    • There were a couple of grass blocks located in the east-southeast before the May 2014 update.
    • The two levers on the top level can be used to turn the lights on and off.