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SMASH: Lava Spire

Jul 17, 2018
SMASH: Lava Spire
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    Better description

    Lava Spire
    Players: 4
    Spawnpoints: 4
    Size: Large
    Space: Open
    Dimensions: L 59
    W 59
    H 38

    As you may know or may not know, you can also play this map in Ranked!


    [IMG] [IMG]


    Spawnpoints are indicated with red dots.


    • The middle platform spawns plenty of items, if you are good at parkour, get them.
    • The upper platform is ideal for throwing people in the lava.


    • This is a community map created by Metroll131. (now known as Methelin)
    • This map was added in the May 2014 update.
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