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Slaughter: Mines Strategy Guide

Feb 13, 2016
Slaughter: Mines Strategy Guide
  • Mines

    To begin, this guide is based on 3-4 players.

    1. Starting Area --- Round 1 - 4/5
    • To start have all the players gather on the two ledges farthest from the plateau doors.
    • Buy helmet and boots as you can for every player and remember to SHARE.
    • Round 3/4 you should have plateau unlocked.
    • Put gold into the door beforehand. Do not save up just put what you have in.
    2. The Plateau --- Round 4/5 - 5/6
    • Around this time you should have the cows, so make sure to stay together and not spread out.
    • Get the stone sword for EVERY player.
    • Once you have the stone sword start unlocking the shack.
    3. The Shack --- Round 5/6 - 23
    • You should be able to have the shack by round 5/6.
    • After you unlock the shack buy as many boots or helmets for any players you can.
    • Continue down into the basement, and push the button on the wall.
    • Also go up the stairs on the other side, tap that button too.
    • That room is safe unless you open "The Hub" Never open the Hub. Ever.
    • Continue buying armor for all players until all have full chain.
    • Start putting gold towards "The Cave" as you get it.
    4. The Cave --- Round 9/10 - 9/10
    • Once you get here your main goal is "The Shaft" nothing much to do in this room.
    • Should have room by 9/10.
    • (Later Waves)
    • At later waves, the stairs that leads to the door of 'The Hub' are very safe. The only ones that can deal true damage to you at this spot are Skeletons, thanks to their bows. Camping in the stairs is a very good strategy.
    5. The Hub --- Round Never
    • Do not open this door. It holds the key to your safety inside of that room.
    • The speed potion is not worth it. At all.
    • This is also not worth it, because by the time you open this room, you are either Chain or Iron set already, just to get Leathers in this room.
    • Also, why would you want stuff to spawn in here?
    6. The Shaft --- Round 10/11 - 23
    • This room holds the Iron Sword, which is the key element to the next 5/6 rounds.
    • After you get this door a lot of camping in the basement is done.
    • Get a sword for every player before unlocking "The Forge".
    7. The Forge --- Round 12/13
    • This room holds Helmet and Boots, every player should get a pair of these as soon as they can.
    • By the time you get in here it should be round 12/13.
    • Continue to put gold towards "The Iron Mine".
    • It is very recommended to stay in this room, or the Iron Mine, because of how close you are to the Strength Potions. Be sure to buy at least 1 strength potion before a wave starts.
    8. The Iron Mine --- Round 13/14
    • First thing you should do when you get into this room is pull the lever, it opens the door towards "The Spirit Room".
    • Buy an Iron Chest and Legs for every team member.
    • Start putting money towards "The Spirit Room" its going to take a few rounds.
    9. The Spirit Room --- Round 14/15
    • When you unlock this room there is a lever inside of the room as well. Pull it. Its the spawn Cave to the right of the exit of "The Cave" door.
    • This room the only important thing you need to buy as soon as you can for every member is the sword.
    • From there go tap the button in the new hole that just opened up so you have many exits through the area.
    • Endermen love to spawn here
    • Never buy the Strength II potion. Although you will be incredibly strong, the Str I is much longer, and is less expensive.
    10. The Keep --- Round 16/17
    • I forgot the name of this room, but whatever. This is the last room you will need to unlock. It's also very important.
    • You want to remember progression of diamond things for each team member should be like this:
      • Sword
      • Chest
      • Legs
      • Boots
      • Helm
    • So don't buy the next item on the list till every person has one of the previous thing.
    • Always make sure past round 8 to have at least 2 health potions on each player at all times possible, when you unlock the splash potions have one person keep 3 or 4 on them
    • Always watch other people's backs, do not go solo out on a limb and expect your teammates to help you when you're about to die. Cause you gonna die.
    • Don't get greedy with gold, it's a team effort to buy things. Rule of thumb should be whoever has the highest amount of gold at the end of the round gets first pick to the armor they want, especially true when it comes to diamond level.
    • Share the gold to the person with most to help them get to it.
    • If you don't have enough gold to collectively get an item for a teammate, put it into the next door.
    • Strength potions can be useful, but remember they have a time limit. Depending on your round number it can take up to 30 minutes to complete one round.
    • Bow and arrow is essentially useless, unless a mob is stuck in a spawn, but at that point you can either wait it out or waste gold to get it. Your choice, but I would pick the first one.
    • It takes about 3 hours to finish this map with 4 people, so keep that in mind when you start out.
    • Cows can beat the crap out of you and are the hardest mob only second to endermen.
    • If a player dies, help that player out to get their armor back before anything else, because they will lose things.
    Solo Strategy
    The map itself isn't too hard to solo. The only thing that is the most difficult here are the Cows. Once you get past them, the rest of the game is a breeze. Since you don't have to share stuff to other people, you can spend more gold on potions making you stronger.