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Slaughter: Extinct

Jul 7, 2017
Slaughter: Extinct
  • Starting Area --- Start Here --- Weak Healing Draught, Weak Boots, Weak Helm

    Pathway --- 30 Gold --- Mail Helmet, Mail Chest
    Fossil --- 50 Gold --- Weak Strength Draught, Healing Draught, Otherworldly Helm, Otherworldly Boots

    Garden --- 15 Gold --- Weak Chest, Weak Pants

    Balcony --- 25 Gold --- Mail Pants, Mail Boots, Trusty
    House --- 40 Gold --- Notched Bow, Fletched Arrow

    Relic --- 75 Gold --- Shiny Metal Chest, Shiny Metal Pants, Speed Potion(NAME)

    Basement --- 65 Gold --- Weak Healing Draught, Weak Skullcracker
    Caves --- 90 Gold --- Gleaming Sword, Iron(NAME) Sword, Shiny Metal Boots, Shiny Metal Helmet, Weak Strength Draught

    Hillside --- 150 Gold --- Otherworldly Leggings, Otherworldly Chestplate(NEEDS CONFIRMATION), ????

    Hedgewalk --- 200 gold(NEEDS CONFIRMATION) --- ???