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Slaughter: Darkness

Mar 17, 2018
Slaughter: Darkness
  • [IMG]



    Archives: 20 Gold
    Cave: 40 Gold
    Shaft: 60 Gold
    Quarters: 20 Gold

    Tips and Tricks

    • The Shaft is the only room that does not contain any mob spawns, making it the best camping spot.
    • Due to the length of the map, the endgame gear only consists of an Iron Sword, Iron Helmet, Iron Boots, Chain Chestplate, and Leather Leggings.
    • The Spawn contains the Weak Healing Draught while the Cave contains the Healing Draught.
    • Spiders can very easily get stuck in their spawn points, so it is advised to check every area for spiders after each round.
    • The end of the Shaft is just a pit into the void, don't jump down it.