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Slaughter: Catacombs

Mar 16, 2018
Slaughter: Catacombs
  • [IMG]
    • The wooden button you need to shoot to unlock the Crypt secret room is located above the door to the Royal Tomb.
    • The stone pressure plate required to unlock the first Royal Tomb secret room is located in the Lost Index.
    • The stone pressure plate required to unlock the Dark Chasm is located within the second Royal Tomb secret room, which is unlocked by a button within the Crypt secret room, hidden in an arch in the wall.
    • The stone button required to unlock the Demented Gulch is located in the back of the Abyssal Throne, some parkour is required to reach it.

    Moon Gazing Pit: 30 Gold
    Memorial Hall: 40 Gold
    Stairwell: 50 Gold
    Crypt: 50 Gold
    Royal Tomb: 100 Gold
    Den: 50 Gold
    Cemetery: 30 Gold
    Lost Trail: 30 Gold
    Lost Tomb: 50 Gold
    Lost Index: 70 Gold
    Dark Chasm: 100 Gold
    Demon Temple: 100 Gold
    Abyssal Throne: 100 Gold
    Demented Gulch: 100 Gold
    Demon Lord's Smithy: 200 Gold
    Tips and Tricks
    • The Spawn room is the only area that contains the Weak Healing Draught, all other health potions are Healing Draughts instead.
    • The Memorial Hall, Lost Trail, and Demon Temple contain the Weak Strength Draught, while the Lost Index and the Demented Gulch contain the Strength Draught.
    • The Lost Trail contains the Weak Speed Draught, the Lost Index and the Demented Gulch contain the Speed Draught.
    • The center of the Moon Gazing Pit is a good early game camping spot.
    • Wait to buy the Den until you unlock everything else, as it's a dead end and the items can be found elsewhere.
    • The Crypt secret room contains no mob spawns, making it a great camping spot late game.
    • Inside the Lost Index, you can parkour up onto a tomb inside an alcove in the wall. There is a mob spawn right next it, but other than that, it's a very good camping spot.
    • Do not stay in the Dark Chasm for too long, mobs can easily knock you off into the lava.
    • The room leading into the Demon Lord's Smithy has no mob spawns in it, making it another great endgame camping spot.

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