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Slaughter: Burrow Strategy Guide

Jul 5, 2018
Slaughter: Burrow Strategy Guide
  • The Burrow

    Hey this is a great guide for those who want a decently easy win for Slaughter. If you are more advanced, I suggest trying a different map,
    because this one includes a huge advantage that makes it alot easier.
    -Mythical (DamagedChicken)


    -This part of the guide is for Solo Burrow Slaughters

    Wave 1

    Welcome to the world. From here you should take a quick look around. You will see an unlockable named "Barrack" and another named "Hub". These locations will be pretty essential while completeing this solo. Watch out cause random players might try to join at any point in time.

    We are going to map out the location not caring about the actual North East South and West.
    The direction of the "barrack" and the random wood with rails will be our North
    The stone cliffs will be our East
    The little ledge with a wall close behind is our South
    The "hub" side of the starting area will be our West

    Now that we have that figured out you have a little time. Go to the southern ledge and stray from the rocks that you climbed to get up there (this is because the mobs will then not be smart enough to climb up after you)

    This round says it starts with 10 chickens. The chickens start to spawn as the sun goes moody. Do not let this startle you and do not fall off. These chickens are evil and will do anything in their ability to feed off of your flesh. Their speed is greatly enhanced along with all other farm animals. You should see them crawl there way to your ledge, and as long as you are far away from the block staircase up, they should be absolutely harmless. You want to shift over the edge to start attacking the chickens. You can reach them don't worry. Watch out enemies tend to knock you back while nearby and can deal 1/2 heart of damage each time, usually it's not too problematic due to the rarity of them damaging you to the pace of natural regeneration.

    If you fall into these chickens accidentally, just kill them and get on with it. Otherwise it should be smooth sailing.

    From this round in total you should have received 10 gold which should go to opening "hub"
    Do not buy leather boots or helmet, they are only four in total but you will quickly receive iron boots and iron helmet.

    Wave 2

    Get back on to the southern ledge. (You will do this each and every time.)

    This one should say that the piggies are really mad (uses what I'd say is a bad word)
    This notifies you that pigs will be in this round.

    Same strategy as last time, just keep hitting them while on the ledge.
    If you fall into the mob horde, attemp to kill the chickens, and then get back onto the ledge, if done fast enough you should take minimal damage and no enemies should be able to make it to you once you make it back up.

    This round rewards you for your valiant efforts with 15 gold, 1 from each enemy.
    This should also be spent to unlocking "hub", leaving you with 5 more you need.

    Wave 3

    Back on the ledge.

    You will be given the message "BARNYARD INVASION".
    This signifies the entrance of cows to the battle.

    Deal with them the same you would pigs. If you fall off, do not attemt to fight the chickens just get back up asap. Remember, if you ever need a fairly calm space you have that little indent in the corner to stay at. Few enemies can hit you through those walls.

    This round gives you 30 gold.
    It also provides you with access to a plethora of unlockables and shops.

    30 Second Intermission

    You finally have enough, unlock "hub". Inside there are three rooms to unlock and 3 shops.
    You have 25 gold now, so get youself a Leather Chestplate and Leather Leggings in the middle of the room for 9. Get an Iron Axe from the Western wall as well, it will cost 14.

    Spend your last 2 on "Mineshaft"

    Wave 4

    Back on ledge. (Told you, every time...)

    Heres where everything begins. The message "Lets add some spiders into the mix" should appear.

    This wave, non-toxic Cave spiders will start to spawn in place of the pigs who will no longer be a threat (never was).
    Here is where you need to learn about assasin spiders, door spiders, and door cows. This is the only time you will ever see door cows. The spiders on the other hand will be here for the rest of the slaughtering.

    On the ledge you should wait for spiders to crawl up and hit them with your axe. It takes 3 hits to kill with a wooden sword and 2 with an iron axe. While fighting enemies for now, use the axe unless the enemies are chickens. The axe gives extreme mning fatigue, but the attack speed makes it not too bad. Once all the enemies in the starting area are killed, make your way to the hub but dont enter yet. Stay to the left of the doors, a few chickens might try to run out at you. Once thats over with, slowly shift ovet to the first door but dont enter or go to far right. You will probably see a group of door cows gathered at the door that you should slowly kill. Then, you should slowly shift enter the door while looking up. This will be your first encounter with door spiders. Withought walking too far into "hub", kill them. Then turn to your right withought moving while having a decent angle upwards. You will see your first instance of assasin spiders, who are all crawled up into a corner. If you dont see any of these for now, or even if you do, watch out for these dangerous mobs except for the cows (they will be gone). Then kill whatever is left.

    You then are rewarded with 40 gold. Use this to unlock "mineshaft".
    If my calculations stay true, you should have 2 gold. Just keep it dont waste your time trying to spend it.

    (To Be Continued Soon)