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Slaughter: Apocalypse

Feb 2, 2018
Slaughter: Apocalypse
  • Rooms:
    Starting Area - Leather Boots, Leather Helm

    Left Path:
    Ravine - 15 Gold - Leather Chest, Leather Legs
    Mine - 35 Gold - Chain Helm, Chain Boots, Iron Axe
    Forge - 55 Gold - Bow, Arrow, Chain Chest, Chain Legs
    (Safe) Fallout - Redstone - Splash Health, Strength 2

    Right Path:
    Pathway - 25 Gold - Stone Sword, Health
    House - 35 Gold - Strength, Swiftness
    (Safe) Lounge - 45 Gold - Iron Boots, Iron Helm
    Backyard - 65 Gold - Iron Sword
    Field - 100 Gold - Swiftness 2, Health 2
    Ridge - 100 Gold - Iron Chest, Iron Legs
    Bridge - 300 Gold - Diamond Helmet, Diamond Boots, Strength 2
    (Safe) Clearing - 110 Gold - Redstone Unlocks: Diamond Chest, Diamond Legs, Diamond Sword
    Dugout - 200 Gold - Golden Apple, Splash Health 2, Swiftness 2