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Shrine of the Dusk

Nov 13, 2018
Shrine of the Dusk
  • [IMG]

    Shrine of the Dusk is the Elite Dungeon of Darkness, representing the God Dentril. Dentril's Legendary Set and the first key to The Library of Axis Mundi can be obtained here.

    Dungeon Information
    Coordinates (570, -3130)
    Difficulty 9.3/10
    Number of Chests 21
    Zombie Content Very High - Zombie and Zombie Pigman Spawners
    Parkour content Very High
    Puzzle/Trap Content Unbelievably High
    Minimum Players 2
    Other Requirements Bow and Arrows, Night Time in-game

    Inside the Shrine

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Civilian Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Food Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Potion Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests 1
    Rare Chests X
    Tool Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Military Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Epic Chests X
    Mythic Chests X
    Room Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X

    Inside the Dungeon

    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table
    Farm 1 Wheat
    Brewing Stand
    Dungeon Loot
    Legendary Dispenser X
    Elite Dispenser 2
    Axis Mundi Keys
    Dusk Fragment
    Dawn Fragment X
    Rod of Reclamation X
    Dungeon Chests
    Dungeon Common X
    Dungeon Uncommon X
    Dungeon Rare 20

    Loot Chests(top)

    • Shrine Altar
      • 1 pots_uncommon
    • Loot Room
      • 20 dungeon_rare

    Legendary Items(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Dentril's Fear [IMG] Has a chance to give Poison II and Nausea II for 3 seconds on hit. Plays a ghast sound, if successfully used.
    Dentril's Fright [IMG] Gives Poison II and Nausea II for 3 seconds on hit. Only works with at least 3 arrows and full charge.
    Dentril's Terror [IMG] Has a chance to inflict Poison I and Nausea II for 3 seconds on the attacker. Plays a ghast sound, if successfully used.
    Dentril's Dread [IMG] Gives Invisibility III and Weakness III for 15 seconds.

    Retired Legendaries(top)

    Video Walkthrough(top)

    • A detailed walkthrough for this dungeon can be found here: [Link]

    Text Walkthrough(top)

    If the entrance to the Cathedral is open, the dungeon can be attempted, no matter if the redstone lamp outside is unlit or not.

    Entrance (Difficulty: 1/10)
    • Make sure everyone is inside the cathedral and it is night.
    • Drink the water from the cauldron and jump through the hole in the middle of the overcast moon.
    • As of the Origins Part 1 update, you MUST drink the water during night. If it is drank during day you will have to switch servers.
    Crumbled Helia (Difficulty: 4/10)
    • Once you have dropped down into the water, send one person to the east door into the sacrifice room to fall down and press the button inside.
    • This will open the door on the west side for the others, as well as an exit to the sacrifice room.
    • Run all the way down the tunnel, and have one person go to the left and right in the open area. These two people will have to press the buttons on each side at the same time to get rid of the barriers in the gate of Helia.
    • Be careful as in the open area there are many Zombie and even some Zombie Pigman spawners.
    • Wait for everyone to enter the gate, and have them all get to a safe spot.
    • Once everyone is safe, have one person press the button to spawn a giant.
    • Killing the giant will trigger a stalactite to fall from the cave roof into the glass floor.
    • Jump down the levels of glass onto the floor of the hole.
    Trial of Fire (Difficulty: 5/10)
    • You will be teleported up to a balcony in a large hall.
    • Walk down the staircase, to the west side archway and press the button.
    • Pressing this button will spawn a Departed Shadow in the middle of the room. The only way to kill this is to shoot it. Make sure it is killed quickly, or you may lose members of your party to it!
    • Wait for the door to burn down and walk through.
    • Once the button on this archway is pressed another door will open which leads you into a room with four pedestals. This door will only stay open for about 8 seconds, and when it closes again it will not open until the trial is done.
    • There are also four wooden buttons on the wall that need to be shot. When these buttons are shot, the pedestal corresponding to that button will be lit on fire until the arrow despawns, and 5 zombies will spawn out of it. Once the torch is unlit, 5 additional zombies will spawn.
    • Once all are shot press the button beside the entrance door to complete the trial, exit.
    • Go to the door opposite the one with the Trial of Fire inside and only have one person walk through.
    • There will be a stone button the person needs to press. This will open the exit to the trial and spawn multiple zombies in the room
    • The person will need to run out and regroup with their teammates.
    • On the balcony where you first entered there should now be an open door. Everyone will need to run through and press the button at the end, opening the entrance to the Helia marketplace and sewers.
    • Only press the button to enter Helia when the person in the room below is caught up, or they may be locked out!
    Crumbled Helia Sewers (Difficulty: 5/10)
    • Your team will need to proceed to the opposite end of the room and drop down into the sewers
    • Then proceed to turn around and run down the tunnel to the left, dropping down into a big pool.
    • Turn around again and walk through the broken grating behind waterfall.
    • Take this time to wait for your companions.
    • One everyone is there, jump down the waterfall and press the button.
    • The iron bars will open up to a maze, the solution to this is to take a left at the first intersection, and then take a right at the next intersection.
    • This will lead you to a large hole with trip wire below, jump down one at a time into it.
    • NOTE: Jumping down will give you regeneration III for 10 seconds so don't worry about fall damage. However, if you are low on health, you will die from fall damages as you get healed after taking fall damage.
    Trials Lobby (Difficulty: 1/10)
    • Walk through the open grating and have someone on the button on the blue wool and shoot the green button, then press the button next to the entrance to drop a small stream of water.
    • Time your button pushes correctly and let the water fall into the holes near the other set of iron bars.
    • There is a trip wire that will take you to the Trial of Water.
    Trial of Water (Difficulty: 6/10)
    • This room contains four walls with channels that allow water to flow around in them, but are blocked with coloured gates. Underneath is a set of coloured wool with buttons on them, which correspond with each gate.
    • Once each of these puzzles is completed, an amount of Zombies and Zombie Pigman will spawn from the dispensers on the floor.
    • After the fourth puzzle is completed you will be teleported out of the room back into the Trials Lobby.
    Trials Lobby Revisited (Difficulty: 2/10)
    • A new gate will be open now, walk through it to the end. It is recommended that only two attempt this challenge.
    • There will be two wooden pressure plates that an item will need to be placed on. This will spawn Zombies and multiple splash potions from the dispensers on the walls, as well as opening a hole in the center of the floor.
    • Jump down and you will be teleported into the Trial of Air
    Trial of Air (Difficulty: 6/10)
    • You will be dropped onto a 5x5 area platform that from the center has pressure plates that point in each direction.
    • These plates control a smaller 3x3 platform which moves in whatever direction depending on what plate you pressed.
    • There are platforms in each corner of the room that will have to be jumped to activate them.
    • Have one person stood in the center of the plates and one that will be ferried to each button as well as giving directions. The person in the center will have to deal with an occasional Zombie that spawns in the middle of the center platform.
    • Once all the platforms have been activated navigate to the stone pressure plate at the wall to create a bridge that will let the other player through.
    • In the room there will be two stone buttons that will have to be pressed down at the same time.
    • Once these are pressed you will then be teleported into an enclosed space with a pressure plate, which when stood on opens up a door to the room with the three pressure plates.
    • Run to the end quickly, or iron bars will appear in the doorway.
    • If you happen to be trapped inside the room there will be a hole in the wall with a button that will teleport you into the Trials lobby.
    Trials Lobby Revisited (Difficulty: 6/10)
    • Everyone will need to go through the newest gateway and press the button on the wall. This will trigger timed parkour over lava that everyone needs to cross.
    • Once someone is over, they have to press a button on the left wall which will spawn a TNT, opening up the Trial of Earth (TNT will do no damage).
    • Since the Origins Part 1 update, you can no longer hold the button down.
    Trial of Earth (Difficulty: 8/10)
    • This room is parkour over lava, where five pressure plates need to be pressed in order to escape.
    • This parkour is very linear, you jump from sandstone pillar to sandstone pillar, then you jump onto the wall decorations and press the buttons which will spawn slabs to walk on.
    • On the third button, you will have to jump on the furthest corner of the pillar, as jumping on the bottom portion will trap you, forcing you to swim through lava or logout.
    • Once everyone is in the stone corner, everyone will need to press the button and cross over. The first person over will need to push a stone button, triggering TNT and opening the exit up (This TNT also does no damage).
    • There will be a piston and a button, stand on the piston and press the button. You will be launched up into some tripwires.
    Eclipse Library (Difficulty: 1/10)
    • Press the button in the black room you are teleported to be launched into the Eclipse Library.
    • Run up onto the balcony all the way round to the furthest painting.
    • Throw an item into it and run back down to the ground floor.
    • A wall will have opened, walk in and jump down into the hole. You WILL take fall damage, however will get regeneration. If you aren’t teleported, jump in and out of the tripwires until you are. You will be teleported to the Hall of Shadows.
    Hall of Shadows (Difficulty: 7/10)
    • In this room you will need to complete some light parkour to collect three 'Sealing Skulls'.
    Skull One
    • NOTE: Whoever does this pillar should have a bow and a few arrows, as well as some splash pots.
    • Walk to the second row of pillars and start climbing the one to your left.
    • Once you complete the parkour up the pillar, there will be a small hole in the corner of a stair block with a wooden button inside. Shoot the button to open the door.
    • Fall down into the water at the bottom of the pillar, there's a dropper on one side of the room and a pressure plate on the other. Step on the pressure plate and 1 Zombie and 1 Zombie Pigman will spawn. Kill both of them and a few seconds later the sealing skull will drop out of the dropper.
    • Walk out the now open door, the door will remain open so others can refill their water. This is the last water refill in the dungeon.
    • If a Zombie picks up the Skull and doesn’t drop it, you will have to logout and try again.
    Skull Two
    • The second skull is also located in the second row of pillars, immediately to the right when walking down the center.
    • Parkour up the pillar and you will enter a room with a dropper and dispensers on the ceiling with an iron pressure plate on the floor.
    • Press the plate and quickly pick up the sealing skull as lava will drop from the dispensers, parkour back down the tower to reach the bottom.
    Skull Three
    • This tower is located in the third row of pillars, to the far right towards the wall.
    • Parkour up the tower, there is one jump that looks impossible where you must jump into the engraving on the walls of the room and then back to the parkour.
    • Alternatively, parkour up the tower in the fourth row instead and climb the vines, dropping onto Dentril’s claw. You can then jump from the claw to the top of the tower. This avoids most parkour.
    • When you reach the top you will enter a room with a button in the center, 4 dispensers in the corner and a dropper in the middle. The dispensers will drop potions which will give you poison, blindness, slowness, and some other effects.
    • Press the button from the doorway to not be effected, and the Sealing Skull will drop from the dropper.
    • Once you get the Skull, parkour back down the tower.
    Boss Room - God Seals and the Heart of Dentril (Difficulty: 10/10)
    • It is best to plan who does what jobs before starting this
    • You will be teleported into the middle of the room, starting the boss immediately. To keep the boss activated, you need to stand on the pressure plates in the middle.
    • On each side of the room will be a large statue with dispensers underneath, there will also be a lamp and a golden pressure plate. When one of the lamps lights up, this means there will be wither skulls being shot at you in about five second. You will have to block this by stepping on the golden pressure plate to create a wall in front of the dispensers.
    • After some time of blocking these shots, a God (Therum, Pluvia, Simoon, or Agni) will tell you their seal needs to be reactivated.
    • To reactivate a God’s seal, you will need to parkour up to the top of their respective statue. To make the parkour appear, someone will need to stand on the stone pressure plate on the God’s color and not get off of it until the parkourer is done. This pressure plate is near a Zombie Pigman spawner, making it hard to stay on for long. The best way to do this is to have one person shifting on the plate, while everyone else has a bow drawn ready to shoot.
    • Once the parkourer is done, you must continue blocking shots until the next God tells you to reactivate their seal.
    • After you reactivate all seals, one person must go into Dentril’s heart and press 3 buttons. This will defeat the boss.
    • The person in the heart must drop down, and everyone will run upstairs on one of the statues to the loot room.
    Loot Room (Difficulty: 0/10)
    • Watch out for any zombie that naturally spawned while you were fighting the boss.
    • Collect your 20 dungeon_rare chests and two legendary prizes.
    • If you have an Eye of Darkness from Eclipsed Ruins, you may throw it in the hopper to claim your guaranteed Dusk Fragment and Rod of Reclamation.
    Exiting (Difficulty: 0/10)
    • Go to the back of the balcony and press the button to open the door to a cave area.
    • There will be another button that lets you out into the canyons near Abandoned Farm.
    • Congratulations, you have beaten Shrine of the Dusk!


    • It is one of the oldest dungeons and was released as part of the Secret Project Update on August the 15th 2015.
    • It is believed that the farming of giants using the structure is the reason that it was placed on a hill.
    • This structure has gone through three changes; the first time they remodeled it, the second time they placed it on a hill, and the third time the surrounding plateau was remodeled.
    • The MineZ 2 location Helia is buried under Shrine of the Dusk.
    • The dungeon was updated in the MineZ Origins Part 1 update. This update drastically increased the difficulty of the boss room and changed many other rooms of the dungeon.


    • There are several Lore Blocks in this dungeon.

      This mysterious cathedral has been here for a long as anyone can remember...
      The cathedral's symbol of the moon means represents the God Hestril, and his split personality.
      Beyond that, much has been lost. Only Legend remains.

      Miner's Log: During the Construction of this church, we found...something.
      The Rock here, it's not...it's different. We will go deeper.

      Miner's Log: We've ventured deeper into this cave. It's becoming harder to continue
      We've had disappearances as well.

      One of the miner's is becoming obsessed.... with something.
      He mutters endlessly... "The hands of him, they draw me closer, pull me towards him."
      He's decided to sleep in the dark....

      That miner, he went crazy saying we should never have entered this cave.
      He tried to kill us, before taking his own life...
      On a side note, the air. It's different here.

      The other miner went crazy. He ran into the darkness.
      I'm hearing whispers. They're oddly comforting.

      His Hands draw me closer.
      They pull me closer to him.
      He...Ordered me to do it.
      I... Didn't want to, but he told me to.

      ....There....is ONLY darkness now.
      I go willingly into the Heart of Darkness.

      It started a few days ago.
      A massive eruption that ripped the continent into pieces.
      Then, the sky crumbled
      The stars fell from the heavens to join us, and finally, the earth swallowed us whole.

      Some of the refugees have fled to the cathedral, hoping it would give them solace.
      We are all doomed.

      As the sky crumbles, I can only hope some of us will make it.

      These books all seem to be written in ancient runes.
      Does anyone here read runes?

      The History of Canada
      Chapter 1
      The Beaver

      You can't seem to make out the text on any of these books.
      They seem to be very old!

      These books contain a wonderful recipe for pumpkin pie.
      I'll save this for later.

      Construction of the Shrine of the Dusk was started 15 years after the foundation of Al Hasa.
      Massive quantities of stone was pulled from the Al Hasa Quarry.

      Documentation of similar findings were recovered from multiple mines.
      Similar to rocks accumulating over time, there appears to be large scale ruins everywhere.
      Some books were even recovered from these mines.

      A Beginner's Guide to Necromancy.
      Step 1: Acquire multiple dead bodies.
      Step 2: Put in the eggs. Ahhhh, you can smell it already.
      You decide to put the book down...

      This Book seems to be recovered from a town called Helia.
      You flip the pages.
      The book seems to be in bad condition.
      Yet, you make out the name Hestril.
      Look into this.

      Recovery of skeletons from multiple excavation sites have yielded odd findings.
      Bite marks on ancient skeletons dating thousands of years old, and....very odd skeletons as well.
      Nothing like we've ever seen.
      For a further analysis, flip to page 44.

      A Beginners guide to Goats
      Goats are social animals.
      Goats are very intelligent and curious animals.
      Goats have excellent coordination.
      Goats are the natural enemy of little ponies.

      This book seems to be a guide to building better trees.
      You know they won't be good though.

      Concerning Hestril
      It is said, that before all else, he existed.
      Bound by nothing, Hestril, presided over the infinite expanse.
      From the darkness, he created the infinite cosmos. From himself, he created the stars.
      From himself, have gave life to 4 others: Gods of all elements.
      Agni, God and Goddess over the flames of life.
      Simoon, God of the wind.
      Therum, Goddess of earth.
      Pluvia, God of water and wisdom.

      Concerning Hestril - Continued
      Together, they created the Earth, and all of it's wonders.
      However, in doing this Hestril became corrupted.
      By creating the 4, he himself developed a split personality.
      Wherever there is light, there must always be darkness.
      And so Dentril became the God of darkness.
      The two personalities became rampant and unpredictable.
      Because of this, the 4 had to seal the two personalities away.

      Concerning Hestril - The Conclusion
      Once the two were sealed, the balance of light and darkness reached an equilibrium.
      The entities were sealed in separate location, The mind and body of both, split.
      Never to return.
      Should either be unsealed without the other, the fragile balance will be broken...
      *Throw an item through the frame to the left*

      This is the Hall of Shadows.
      If you let your gaze drift upwards you will see it.
      The petrified Claws of Dentril, God of Darkness.
      You will need to find 3 sealing skulls if you are to proceed.
      But be warned!
      By doing so, you may unleash a terrifying evil upon the land.

      The four Gods sealed Hestril's alter ego, Dentril here with a four pronged seal.
      If the seal is is broken the balance of light and darkness will be disrupted...
      However, to progress, you might have to remove the seal!
      To undo the seal, their the 3 remaining sealing skulls into the hopper.

    Miscellaneous Images(top)

    Shrine of the Dusk (2012)

    Speed Run Times(top)

    Category Group Time Date Proof
    Any % - Group BurnedApplePie, Limepaj2, Matt900_, SmplGamer, Aexon
    19:16 April 9th 2017 Link
    Speedless - Group _Sou, DJ_Pedro, UselessCapZ, JTGangsterLP6, J8ker, M4bi, Fridge2177 16:18 April 11th 2017 Link