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Shotbow Emojis and Slang

Oct 23, 2014
Shotbow Emojis and Slang
  • Emojis = How to use

    Smiley Face - :) = :)
    Winky Face - :wink: = ;)
    Sad Face - :( = :(
    Mad Face - :mad: = :mad:
    Weird Face - :confused: = :S
    Cool Face - :cool: = :cool:
    Tongue Out Face - :stuck_out_tongue: = :P
    Grin Face - :D = :D
    Surprised Face - :eek: = :O
    Embarrassed Face - :oops: = :oops:
    Rolling Eyes Face - :rolleyes: = :rolleyes:
    Err... What? Faceo_O = O_o
    Shut Mouth Face - :nope: = :X
    Hilarious Face - :lmao: = xD
    Heart - :heart: = <3
    Anonymous Zombie - :zanonymous: = :zanonymous:
    Bang Head Zombie - :zbanghead: = :zbanghead:
    Bearded Zombie - :zbeard: = :zbeard:
    Bloodthirsty Zombie - :zbloodthirsty: = :zbloodthirsty:
    Eating Brains Zombie - :zbrains: = :zbrains:
    Cool Zombie - :zcool: = :zcool:
    Crying Zombie - :zcry: = :zcry:
    Huh? Zombie - :zhuh: = :zhuh:
    Meh Zombie - :zmeh: = :zmeh:
    Moustache Zombie - :zmoustach: = :zmoustache:
    Rage Zombie - :zrage: = :zrage:
    Scary Zombie - :zrawr: = :zrawr:
    Sleeping Zombie - :zsleeping: = :zsleeping:
    Speechless Zombie - :zspeechless: = :zspeechless:
    Stalking Zombie - :zstalking: = :zstalking:
    Stiched Mouth Zombie - :zstitchedmouth: = :zstichedmouth:
    Thumbs Down Zombie - :zthumbsdown: = :zthumbsdown:
    Thumbs Up Zombie - :zthumbsdown: = :zthumbsup:
    Whistling Zombie - :zwhistling: = :zwhistling:
    WTF Zombie - :zWTF: = :zWTF:

    Slang = meaning (explanation - frequency of use)
    lol = laugh out loud (--very common)
    dba = don't bother asking (--uncommon)
    vbd = very big deal (--very uncommon)
    fho = friends hanging out (--very uncommon)
    idk = i don't know (--common)
    idc = i don't care (--slightly common)
    nub = noob (very derogatory [an insult] word for a new player; doesn't always mean they are new, rather the person saying it thinks the person they're saying it about has no skill -- very common)
    m8 = mate (--common in British English (not American); means something like "friend")
    gr8 = great (--slightly uncommon)
    wot = what (also wut, whut, etc -- slightly common)
    wt_ = what the ____ (swearword abbreviation; most common is wtf, meaning what the f*** --
    swearing and its abbreviations are quite common on US servers, much more uncommon on EU servers)

    Bump (by Sam_F_Da_B0ss):
    Definition: Roughly, posting a reply on a thread to bring it back to the top of the forum boards.
    Administrative actions/opinions: somewhat frowned upon, seldom (or never as of yet) punished upon.
    Public opinion: Somewhat frowned upon, usually no opinion, really depends on context
    Used by: Mainly owners of threads. Sometimes, a person who strongly agrees with what it says will bump a thread.
    Common in: Build submissions, idea suggestions, and occasionally discussions.

    Necro (by Sam_F_Da_B0ss):
    Definition: Mainly posting a reply on a thread that is "dead"-
    this means it hasn't been replied to for over a month (the exact amount of passing time is extremely controversial) to bring it "back to life". Slang for "Necromancy", which in folklore is the dark art of bringing organisms back to life (not just humans). Really just a bump after a longer period of time.
    Administrative actions/opinions: Quite frowned upon. Occasionally forum bans administered in/to stubbornly disregardful cases/users.
    Public opinion: Extremely controversial, I don't want to go off-topic/start a potential flame war
    Used by: Mainly users who aren't being careful and reply to a "dead thread" without any significant intent, or new players ("noobs") who don't know how to check when the previous reply took place, owners of threads that die and want it back, and (somewhat more rarely) users who strongly agree with the thread and want its ideas to be displayed to the community again.
    Common in: No correlation.

    Troll Thread (by Sam_F_Da_B0ss):
    Definition: Basically threads posted as a joke. Notable example: The Underpowered (Class Idea) - Whatever I say, I do think it's funny.
    Administrative actions/opinions: I have no idea of the administrative opinions. In this example ^^^, the outcome was ultimately a lock, by an anonymous staff member, perhaps this is common?
    Public opinion: Some think it's funny, others are more serious and want them completely gone - again, extremely controversial
    Used by: Actually, often times people who are bored and don't know what to do with themselves.
    Common in: Nothing! Troll threads are quite rare these days, but they do show up every now and again and need to be dealt with.