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Romero Route

Nov 17, 2017
Romero Route
  • This route is long but, takes you up the East side of the map, namely by the body of water (lets call it a river) that separates the main continent from the eastern continent. Good for gearing up with some nice sightseeing.
    Spawn near Romero (x:1720, z:400) and loot the place quickly, be on the watch for bandits and unfriendly players.
    Hug the bank of the river and head north towards the Sundawn Observatory (x:1980, y:-890) and loot the place for its military gear a few times.
    if (and when) you run out of food, backtrack to St. Roseluck Island (x:2060, y:-430) and stock up. Head back to Sundawn and loot it again. Rinse and repeat until you have enough gear.
    Head North from Sundawn to Archaeological Dig Site (x:1450, y:-1130) or the Oasis (x:1990, y:-1550) for more food. Loot these places only once, as it's not worth camping here.
    After stopping here, go to Grayvale (You need a button to enter, get it from Romero or St. Roseluck Island beforehand) and loot it for the health potions and military gear.
    From here go to Virway Tower (x:2250. y:-2695) for civilian, tool, and potion loot. Be careful as Pigmen spawn from this point onward.
    After Virway, go to Fort McHarlington (x:2240, y:-2930) for any gear you need. Your inventory is probably good for Giant fighting. (Guess what the next location on this route is...)
    Now you can go to other locations but here are some routes I take after
    After this, I go to Al Hasa (x:1590, y:-3110). Be wary for bandits and PvPers. Then head to Fort Karj (x:1270, y:-3430). then head to the Giant's Camp (x:1260, y:-3150) to fight some Giants (if you have a death wish...).
    Another place to go after Fort McHarlington is Floating Islands (x:2000, y:-3800) to get some Spire loot.
    Another option is Kauri (x:3805, y:-2835) then to Agni Ignis (x:3625, y:-3280).
    You can go to other locations after Fort McHarlington, honestly, where to go after is up to you.