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Qubion Creative

Jan 3, 2016
Qubion Creative

  • Do you like blocks? We do too! Place blocks on top of blocks, next to other blocks, and sometimes under blocks! And when you're finished with that, submit it to the Qubion Team for review or to the Shotbow Team as a submission to a gamemode. The sky is the limit!



    The Qubion server is a creative plot building server, allowing you to build to your heart's desire and build with friends on shotbow.
    You can access the server via the proper lobby villager. From here you should read server information on the board in front of you as well as the rules on the left side board.
    To get started, you can use /claim auto to automatically claim the next small plot available so you can get straight to building. If you'd prefer to choose your own plot, you can just use /claim while standing over an unclaimed plot. You only start with one free small plot ticket when you join the server, to get more you must either rank up by building good builds (as determined by the Qubion build team) or by buying them with Shotbow XP in the XP shop.

    Plot Dimensions:
    Small plot - 35 x 35 (5,000 XP in shop)
    Big plot - 250 x 250 (20,000 XP in shop)

    Apprentice - One small plot, access to basic commands.
    Veteran - One free small plot, access to /plotme add (player), 250 Shotbow XP
    Ledari - Access to Big Plot world, one free Big Plot, 500 XP
    Centurion - Limited WorldEdit command access, 1,000 XP
    Sentinel - Almost full WorldEdit command access, 2,000 XP
    VIP - Purchased for 350,000 XP, access to Centurion level permissions and VIP tag in game.
    Qubion - Build team rank. Only earned by invite. 5,000 XP
    Qubion + - Build team Admins.

    A reference to all the commands you can use in game can be found here.


    Q: How do I rank up?
    A: Build on your plot, and submit it using /review submit. Dynamic terrain, custom trees and detailed buildings should be used for a good build. Remember that rank up quality builds are at the discretion of the staff.

    Q: When will my build be reviewed?
    A: When the build staff are available to review it. The time may vary, but they will get to it when they can. Patience is key and do not spam the review command.

    Q: Can I build with friends?
    A: You can, except only Veteran and up may add people to their plots to build. If anyone builds with you, or you build with anyone, only the plot owner gets credit for the build. You cannot rank up together for one build.

    Q: Why is redstone disabled?
    A: They can potentially cause lag. A full list of disabled items:
    - Redstone (It will not do anything, but pistions can extend/retract if a redstone block is placed)
    - Spawn eggs
    - Minecarts
    - TnT damage
    - Falling physics (sand/gravel/anvils will not fall)
    - The Nether (Obvious reasons, portals will still light though)

    Q: Can I TP people with no big plot access, to the big plot world so they can build on my plot?
    A: No, it's against the rules for people without big plot access to go and build on big plots. We discourage people from doing that

    Q: Can I clear my plot if it has been accepted?
    A: Yes you can, but we recommend you keep it as you get an extra plot when ranked up to certain ranks.

    Q: Can I get to Veteran or Ledari if I use a big plot instead of a small?
    A: Of course you can!

    Q: Can I use one big plot for multiple build submissions?
    A: Yes if you have the space. You need to fill up an entire Big Plot in one style for Sentinel and at least 100x100 space for Centurion.

    Q: If I purchase VIP, am I considered Centurion and do I rank up to Sentinel next?
    A: Yes, you are classed as a Centurion and if you want and your submission is good enough we can promote you to Sentinel.

    Q: Can I use world edit for another/Can someone WE for me?
    A: No. People are not allowed to WE for other's builds.

    Q: What resource pack(s) can I build with?
    A: Recommended use of Default or a'therys ascended. Any other packs are not likely to be supported.