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Paluster Route

Dec 27, 2016
Paluster Route
  • Description: This route is for those who spawn in between or around the towns of Grimdale and Portsmouth. This route allows players to quickly gear themselves to take on most MineZ dungeons. This route is not recommended for those gearing for PvP.

    1) spawn between Grimdale and Portsmouth
    2) gear and collect a full set of leather armor, at least six inventory slots of any food except raw fish, and at least six heath II potions w/ three splash IIs.
    3) walk through the desert or along the river to reach the dry grass area to Yawpton
    4) gear up in Yawpton and obtain at least half a set of chain armor and an iron sword and bow; refill any food or potions lost in the travel to Yawpton
    5) travel straight North to Logging Camp and loot all the chests there once or twice
    6) follow the Ice Highway straight to Paluster
    7) loot the root room of Paluster Shrine, but traverse no further into the dungeon
    :cool: after obtaining at least half chain and iron and some golden apples and splashes, loot Paluster for more food and powerful potions in the Paluster tree

    Your inventory should be ideal to complete most dungeons in MineZ. Happy dungeoneering!
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