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Overgrown Tomb

Nov 9, 2018
Overgrown Tomb
  • [IMG]

    Overgrown Tomb is an underground location in the North between Arbreton and the Forest. It consists of a large ruined tower surrounded by many graves, each grave inside a small stone brick crypt.

    Dungeon Information
    Coordinates (-2150, -1840)
    Difficulty 2.3/10
    Number of Chests 13
    Zombie Content Low
    Parkour content Medium
    Puzzle/Trap Content Medium
    Minimum Players 1-2 (varies on tomb)
    Other Requirements 7 Buttons

    Inside the Dungeon
    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Dungeon Loot
    Legendary Dispenser X
    Elite Dispenser X
    Axis Mundi Keys
    Dusk Fragment
    Dawn Fragment
    Rod of Reclamation
    Dungeon Chests
    Dungeon Common X
    Dungeon Uncommon X
    Dungeon Rare X

    In the Tomb
    General Resources
    Water Refill
    Crafting Table X
    Farm X
    Brewing Stand X
    Civilian Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Food Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests X
    Potion Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests 2
    Rare Chests X
    Tool Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Military Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests X
    Rare Chests 4
    Epic Chests 2
    Mythic Chests X
    Room Loot
    Common Chests X
    Uncommon Chests 5
    Rare Chests X

    Loot Chests(top)

    • Open Graves (2)
      • 1 mil_rare (Each)
    • Open Tomb
      • 1 mil_rare
    • Broken Tomb
      • 1 mil_rare
    • Tower
      • 2 mil_epic
    • Robert's Tomb
      • 1 pots_uncommon
    • The Witch-King Of Gal'had's Tomb (Button required)
      • 1 room_uncommon
    • "The Tomb of Two" Openable Tomb (Button required)
      • 1 room_uncommon
    • "The Grave of Three" Tomb (Button required)
      • 1 room_uncommon
    • "Zombie Heads" Tomb (Button required)
      • 1 room_uncommon
    • TNT Tomb (Button required)
      • 1 room_uncommon
    • "White Green and Black" Challenge Crypt (Button required)
      • 1 pots_uncommon


    The Witch-King Of Gal'had's Tomb (Difficulty 3/10)
    • To get into this tomb you'll need to go to your left when you enter the location, where the open tomb with a mil_rare is located at. Do the parkour to get to the iron door that'll let you in. Place a button and get in.
      • Dropping from this height can possibly kill you if you don't have some Feather Falling boots on. Alternatively, you may use a Weak Grapple to avoid the risk of dying by fall damage.
    • Once you are in, you'll see a spiral staircase going to the bottom. Take it.
      • Be careful, as you can easily fall down due to the small gaps it contains, and take a lot of damage from the fall.
    • Once you go down the staircase get into the tomb and loot the room_uncommon that awaits you there.
    • When you want to get back out just come back up the staircase and stand on the pressure plate in front of the door.
    "The Tomb of Two" (Difficulty (1/10)
    • Right below the tomb with the sign that reads "The Tomb of Two Shall Let You Through" there's a tomb with two graves with a skeleton head on top of them. Place a button on the chiseled stone brick and press it.
    • The tomb with the gold blocks is now open. Get in and grab the room_uncommon that awaits you there.
    • When you want to get out press the button next to the iron bars.
    "The Grave of Three" (Difficulty 2/10)
    NOTE: You'll need two people for this one.
    • A bit to the southwest from the tomb with the sign "The Grave of Three Shall Set Me Free" (The one with the hoppers), there's an open crypt that contains 2 graves at the entrance and a small cave-in.
    • Go to the bottom of the cave-in until you see 3 skeleton skulls. There's a chiseled stone brick on top of the middle one. Put your button there.
    • Time the button press with your friend to get in, break the chest, and out as the iron bars only open for a brief moment.
    "Zombie Heads" Tomb (Difficulty 2/10)
    NOTE: You'll need two people for this one.
    • West from the large crypt with the sign "Find the Zombies Who met their Demise..." there's a small tomb with blocked by iron bars with 2 zombie heads inside.
    • Put your button on the chiseled block inside the tomb.
    • Time the button press with your friend to get in, break the chest, and out as the iron bars only open from 5 to 10 seconds.
    TNT Tomb (Difficulty 2/10)
    • This tomb is located right next to the tomb of two.
    • Place a button ON TOP of the TNT on the chiseled stone brick. Press it.
    • This will ignite the TNT, back up a little.
    • When the TNT explodes, it will destroy the iron bars and open up a room full of gold blocks.
    • This is where the room_uncommon is located at. Take it and leave.
    NOTE: The tomb will be open until a server reboot, use this to your advantage and farm the chest if you want.

    "White, Green and Black" Challenge Crypt (Difficulty 3/10)
    • When you enter the location go to your right and get to the tomb with a iron door and 2 skeleton heads inside. Place a button on the chiseled stone brick that's on top of the iron door.
    • Get in and press the button between the heads.
    • A hole will open up. Jump down in the pool of water.
      • Refill water if you have to.
    • Here's where the challenge starts: You'll see a group of signs reading: "ARRRGH HOW DARE YOU ENTER MY CRYPT. To leave you must please me! My only hint are my favourite colours. White Green And finally Black."
      • This means you have to count the amount of skeleton heads (White), zombie heads (Green) and wither heads (Black) that are scattered through this mini-dungeon.
    • Put the code 573 in the wall with the buttons to open the exit. The iron bars will disappear and you will find a pots_uncommon as a reward.
      • If you press the wrong button, splash potions of poison will fall from the ceiling along with zombies in the nearby tombs.
    • To exit the dungeon just walk to the other iron bars and press the wooden button next to leave.

    Travel Advisory/Warnings(top)

    • The Sean Bean Tomb can only be completed with 2 players. It works like The Grave of Three but yields no loot. Do it for the memes if you feel like it.
    • Be careful when attempting to visit this place, there's plenty of holes above the structure and are fatal if jumped or fallen in.
    • There is no water here (unless you have a button to do the "White Green and Black" Crypt). The nearest source is in Arbreton.


    • In front of the iron door to The Witch-King Of Gal'had's Tomb there's a sign reading "Enter and thy flesh shall be devoured!". There's nothing dangerous inside the tomb besides zombies that may spawn inside the tomb.
      • Inside the grave (Where the room_uncommon is), there's a sign right next to the chest that reads "I'M FREE".
    • In the "White Green and Black" Crypt there are 2 other tombs with signs that read: "All Eaten by Actual Cannibal. SHIA LABEOUF" and "Valar Morghulis".
    • The Overgrown Tomb is a Magic: The Gathering card and shares likeness with it as well.
    • There are a lot of tombs that reference to deaths, or even memes, of fictional characters from movies like The Guardians of the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings, Lion King, Harry Potter, and many others.
      • Aside from those references, there are names of staff members scattered throughout the tomb aswell (Robertthegoat, demon_peanut and Gallihad)


    • This location contains a few Lore Books:

      Mysterious Crypt - Astrid
      I seem to have stumbled upon some kind of crypt!

      Zombies were everywhere so I climbed to the top of this tower.
      It was very tiring, but luckily this beacon seems to be keeping the undead at bay!

      I've decided to rest here then go for a little tomb raid and see if there's any loot to be found here, hopefully some fancy swords, my scimitars seen better days!

      Diary - Harvey
      Looks like I've gotten myself stuck in this Tomb...
      Maybe my friend Tom could let me out, there seems to be somewhere to place a button just outside, although he seems to have wandered off without me...

      Wait, here engraved in the skull reads "Along the dining table in the great hall of Thannus, lies a keyhole to unlock the secrets of this town..."
      Maybe this could lead me to discover the cause of all the disappearances at 665,-1003...

      Now I just need to get out of this Tomb.