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Shotbow Mumble

Aug 6, 2015
Shotbow Mumble
  • Shotbow uses Mumble, a VoIP application that gives players the ability to chat with other players.
    with ease. Shotbow recommends not using Skype to communicate with people you are not familiar with. These services leak your IP address. Instead, we provide a mumble server.

    In order to get started, grab mumble from the Mumble site. Pick whichever relates to your machine.

    - When you get mumble installed, you will need to connect to a server to change your settings, as I can't do it without joining one, so I guess.

    Label: The name that will identify which server you connect to. "Shotbow" is reccomended.
    Address: ShotBowNetwork.Mumble.com
    Port: 8809
    Username: What you want people to know you as, preferably use your minecraft IGN.

    - Hop on over to the configure tab in the top left of your mumble window.
    - Click the box in the bottom left that says "Advanced".
    - You should be in Audio Input, the device should be the microphone you're using to communicate, and disable your echo feature. While in there, please enable push to talk, we'll get to that later.
    - Then click Audio Output. Change your device to whatever you're listening to the sound from, most likely, if you're using a headset, it should be the same as the device for the audio input.
    - After output, click user interface. Choose whichever layout you prefer, I like just the default layout they give you, but feel free to mess about with that.
    - After this, click shortcuts. This is where push to talk should come into play, if you don't see a shortcut for push to talk, click "add" in the bottom left-ish corner. Click unassigned and change it to push to talk, then click the empty area under the "shortcut" tab and hit a key that you want to use for push to talk, you need to be holding it down to talk. Use any key that suits you best. (Feel free to mess about with other shortcuts, but this is all you need.)

    -GabeIsAwesome199 for the original creation.

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