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MTA: Vigilante

Feb 18, 2017
MTA: Vigilante
  • Vigilante points are awarded for killing criminals, which can lead you to get the title of a Cop that any people strive for. You can also lose Vigilante by Killing Innocents (NPC Cops, Friendly Cops, and Civilians) and Stealing Cars.
    If you can make 20 Vigilante points after achieving MTA level 12, you can switch to a Cop. P.S. After you get Cop you can switch back to Civilian and do all you want. You will not lose Vigilante as a Civilian.

    (+1 Vigilante for Criminal Kill)
    (-1 Vigilante for NPC Cop Kill)
    (-1 Vigilante for Innocent Kill)
    (-2 Vigilante for Stealing a Car)
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