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MTA: Items

Feb 10, 2018
MTA: Items
  • This page currently has missing or incorrect information.
    Please help by providing any info you can.

    -Work in progress-


    You can buy this item in an tech or Utility Store

    Shows if a player is wanted by right click the scanner .Show wantet level and distance (up to 100 blocks) in the chat)
    Right click a player show wantet level , class, level and the Gang
    You can buy this item in an tech or Utility Store

    Riot Shield
    Reduces damage when attacket face-on. More protective when blocking.
    Cop and Swat training improves protection.
    You can buy this item in an tech or Utility Store

    This is the compass in your inventory when you start the game using this you are able to know where to go example( your on a heist are your running to the area where you are going to get your cash the compass will tell you where to go) it can be useful if you know how to use it.
    Costs 100 MTA cash .
    You can buy this item in an tech or Utility Store

    Jetpack (Jetpacks cannot be recharged)
    Exactly what you think it is a helmet that you put on you then you are able to fly like in creative but it has fuel so be careful so you don't fly for too long the fuel max is 240 so 1 fuel is about a second or two have fun flying away from cop's.
    Costs 5K of MTA cash.
    You can buy this item in an tech or Utility Store

    Parkour Boots
    Parlour boots are chain boots which are $200 each when equipped and your falling you press crouch (shift) to break your fall cool eh? Well that's not all it also can do a wall run as well as a tic tac on a wall $200 each not that much of a waste .
    You can buy this item in an tech or Utility Store

    When your falling you can right click and then glide safely to the ground 1 use only $100 each pretty cheap.
    Exit glide to the ground by sneaking
    You can buy this item in an tech or Utility Store

    This might not be that clear but this back pack gives extra inventory space like you might have thought but it has a extra ability when you die and you have items in it you keep the items . Your personally backpack costs 10K MTA cash and 10k sb xp (Buying twice won´t give any extra storage).
    You can buy this item in an tech or Utility Store

    Medical Items
    Bandage :heal a bit (This Item is bound on you it wont drop if you die)
    Revitalising liquid : Remove all potions effects

    Handcuffs ( Cop Level 2 )
    Jail players for one arrest
    Right click on a criminal to use after right clivking a criminal spam sneak to arrest the player
    This Item is bound on you it wont drop if you die

    Taser (Cop Level 5 )
    Freeze a player for 5 seconds
    Right click on a criminal to use

    Flowers ( Buy:50 Sell: 15 )
    Red Tulip
    Rose Bush

    Join mission and jobs
    Killing Spree (2-5 players 1,5k reward )
    Car Race (2-24 players)
    Plane Race (2-14 players)
    Heist (2-4 players)
    LastManStanding (3-22 players )
    LastTeamStanding(4-23 players)
    Death Match (3-28 players)
    Arresting easy (1player arrest 3 players in 10 minutes reward 100$)
    Arresting medium (1player arrest 10 players in 15minutes reward 500$)
    Arresting hard (1player arrest 20 players in 15minutes reward 1k)
    Arresting ultimate (1 player arrest 40players in 15minutes reward 5k)
    Civilisation/Cop App
    toggle passive mode ( just for players under mta level 15)
    toggle swat ( just for cops)
    Change class ( change betwen Civilian and Cop)
    Tp to Cop Spawn ( Tp your self to a random police stadion)
    Jailed player list (see a list of jailed players)
    Request backup (Request assistance from outher cops)
    Aid Cop ( Aid a cop in need of backup )
    Go undercover ( make yoursef a civilian for 20minutes coast 1k )
    Hide your identity ( make your name above your head invisible for 30 minutes cost 5k)
    Go out of radar ( make your name above your head invisible for 3 minutes cost 500$)
    Appear innocent cops ( make yoursels appear innocent for 20minutes even if you are wanted ( no NPC´cops will spawn and attack you )
    Purchase Drugs ( Buy illegal drugs )
    Change Instance
    Join a public MTA instance or create your own private game just for you and your friends
    View your messages
    Write a message (Requires MTA level 5)
    Delete all messages
    View your MTA level statistic of
    General ;Driving ; Flying ; Shooting ; Combat ; Stamina ; Looting and Stealth level
    shows you your
    Current level
    Current Xp a
    Progress to next level in %
    Online Banking
    View account ( shows your current bank balance )
    Withdraw Money ( withraw up to 1k from your bank account )
    Deposite Money ( deposite up to 300$ into your bank account)
    Change Money for a check ( use cheques to trade with players)
    Cash a cheque ( cash a cheque for money on your bank account)
    Acquire Kit
    Set active kit (select a kit you will use by respawning )
    Create a custom Kit ( create your own kit which will be given by respawn )

    Online Shopping:
    Buy Binco clothes,Utility items , food, Vehicle upgrades, Guns and ammo to buy cars or sell items visit a store

    Do tutorials do learn how to play

    View and teleport to your houses and gang houses

    Respawn on different places on the map
    Trade with outher players
    Set bountys on players or see a list of online players with bounty on their heads
    Create a gang
    Leave gang
    View gang members
    View gang info
    View gang commands
    Invite new members
    Kick member
    Set member rank
    Disband gang

    get to place easily
    Enter the lottery
    Play gamble to win the 10x of your gambled
    Trash can
    Put junk in here to remove it
    Auto Pilot
    Set your planes and helicopter´s autopilot

    View the mounthly leaderboard in Combat , Arrests , Exerience gained and Minigames won
    View the top players or search a player

    (jetpack + backpack + SETNAV+parkour boots + hangglider has been done by xXconorbXx )
    [ To be added: Armor ]


    Drugs can be obtained from Drug Dealer NPCs or through your phone using the "Civilian app". All drugs are "bound" so they are destroyed on death and can't be recovered. Care must be taken as drugs can cause varying amounts of damage due to "allergic reactions" so be careful, it is possible to die from the damage. Damage can occur as the drug is taken, in the middle of the duration, or at the end.

    Drug Effect Duration Price
    Thick Skin Health buff (+4 Hearts) 10:00 $5,000
    Speed Speed 5:00 $5,000
    Hunger Killer No hunger loss ~3:00 $500
    Cats Eyes [sic] Night Vision II 10:00 $1,000
    Rabbit Hop Jump Boost IV (4 blocks height) 10:00 $1,000
    Pain Killers Absorption II (+4 Hearts) 20:00 $5,000
    God Mode Night Vision II
    Absorption (+2 Hearts)
    Water Breathing II
    Fire Resistance II
    20:00 $10,000
    Weed Nausea (Screen Warp) 1:00 $20

    The Thick Skin drug does NOT use Absorption. The hearts it gives increase your health capacity for the duration of the buff, unlike Absorption which loses them upon receiving damage.
    At the time of writing, the Speed drug is _NOT WORTH THE PRICE_ compared to Wine and Ale. Speed (drug) does not give a higher speed buff than Wine and Ale, the duration is shorter than Wine's, and the price is many times higher than both Wine and Ale combined.
    The Hunger Killer drug says it'll stop you from getting hungry for "a bit", which works out to about 3 minutes. It does NOT use the Saturation status effect.
    The Cats Eyes and God Mode drugs display "Night Vision II" as the status effect, despite the fact that, even if you could have another level of it, it wouldn't make any difference.
    The Painkillers drug says it'll give you "damage resistance" for 10 minutes but it seems to only give Absorption II for 20 minutes. If it gives any actual resistance to damage, it's not through normal Minecraft status effects.


    Receptionist NPCs only serve water. Barista NPCs only serve Coffee and Tea. Bartender NPCs serve everything but Coffee and Tea.

    Drink Effect Duration Price
    Water No Effect None Free
    Coffee No Effect None $5
    Tea No Effect None $5
    Gin Weakness (-4 Atk Dmg) 1:30 $20
    Cider Night Vision 3:00 $100
    Russian Vodka Instant Health (2 Hearts) None/Immediate $200
    Vodka Poison (18 Hearts) 0:45 $25
    Scotch Whiskey Fire Resistance 3:00 $100
    Wine Speed (+20%) 8:00 $110
    Ale Speed (+20%) 3:00 $90
    Beer Instant Health (2 hearts) None/Immediate $200
    Irish Whiskey Strength (+3 Atk Dmg) 3:00 $500
    Ginger Beer Slowness (-15%) 1:30 $10 5XP
    Pomace Wine Instant Damage (3 Hearts) None/Immediate $10 5XP
    Carling Beer Jump Boost (1.5 blocks height) 3:00 $90
    Mead Water Breathing 3:00 $140


    Due to differences in the saturation mechanics of MTA, it's virtually impossible to measure saturation without knowing the game's code then factoring for a player's Stamina stat level. In light of this, saturation is not included in the table below.

    1 point is half a drumstick.

    Food Hunger Price
    Apple 4 Buy: $25
    Sell: $7.50
    Bread 5 Buy: $30
    Sell: $9
    Bacon ?? Buy: $40
    Sell: $12
    Cooked Fish 5 Buy: $30
    Sell: $9
    Cookie 2 Buy: $20
    Sell: $6
    Melon Slice 2 Buy: $20
    Sell: $6
    Steak ?? Buy: $40
    Sell: $12
    Chicken 6 Buy: $30
    Sell: $9
    Potato ?? Buy: $30
    Sell: $9
    Carrot 3 Buy: $25
    Sell: $7.50
    Cooked Salmon ?? Buy: $50
    Sell: $15
    Cake 2 None, found on some restaurant counters.

    Cooked Salmon can only be obtained from a Fish Store NPC at "The Pufferfish."


    Inventory Slot Test.
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