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MTA: Guide to everything

Feb 10, 2018
MTA: Guide to everything
  • [IMG]
    MineTheftAuto - WIki Guide.
    MineTheftAuto Cops.
    Cops are the main "Enemy" In MTA. Whenever you commit a crime, and your wanted level is above 1, NPC cops will start to spawn. Killing them does not help as that raises the wanted level. If you are working towards cop, or are a cop, it also lowers your Vigilante points (A civilian who has unlocked cop won't lose any vigilante points), instead what you want to do is to run away and after a certain amount of time without a cop in a certain radius around you your wanted level will go down and cops will no longer be hostile. After a certain wanted level SWAT and Military troopers also come. Breaking out of Prison instantly raises your wanted level to 6, making it hard to escape. During certain crime jobs for example the Heist, cops will auto spawn It is also possible to become a cop after reaching MTA level 12 and having 20 vigilante points. (Obtained by killing 20 criminals,
    1 Criminal Kill = +1 Vigilant, 1 NPC Cop Kill = -1 Vigilant,
    1 Innocent Civilian Kill = -1 Vigilant)
    When the player becomes a cop they can switch between classes of Civilian and Cop.
    Cop killing.
    +1 Arrests for Successful Handcuff Arrest
    +1 Arrests for Criminal Kill
    -1 Vigilant, -1 Arrests for Criminal Kill below 3 as SWAT
    -2 Vigilant, -2 Arrests for Steal Car
    -1 Vigilant, -3 Arrests for NPC Cop Kill
    -1 Vigilant, -5 Arrests for Innocent Kill
    Cop Levels.
    Cop (1) = 0 Arrests (Rookie)
    Cop (2) = 10 Arrests (Officer)
    Cop (3) = 50 Arrests (Sergeant)
    Cop (4) = 100 Arrests (Captain)
    Cop (5) = 400 Arrests (Lieutenant)
    Cop (6) = 550 Arrests (Co Chief)
    Cop (7) = 1,000 Arrests (Chief) - MAX
    MineTheftAuto Houses.
    Houses in MTA provide you with a place you can store items and teleport to. Within, you are safe from other players. Multiple players can buy the same house concurrently but all storage in the inventories is exclusive to individual players, unless they are in a gang house. This allows all players to buy any house and without fear of players stealing from storage.
    Single chests give 27 slots of space (3 rows of 9), double chests give 54 slots of space, and droppers, dispensers, and furnaces give 9 slots of space (1 row of 9). Hoppers give 5 slots of space (1 row of 5), and anvils cannot store items but are functional in upgrading vehicles and weapons from the safety of your home.
    Rented properties are rented in real-world weeks, not in Minecraft weeks.
    If you sell a property, or can't afford rent, you will not have access to the property anymore. If the property is paid for again then you will be able to access the property and anything stored within will not have been deleted. However, if the property cost
    to buy, or for initial rent, then you will still have to pay
    to buy the place again. Note that selling a paid house will only return 80% of its buying price and won't return any
    Teleporting to a home can be achieved by going through your phone interface or by typing "/home tp" and clicking on which of the homes you want to teleport to. Teleporting takes 5 seconds in which you must not move from the spot you started to teleport from. If you are interrupted by being moved for any reason then you must restart the process. Upon teleporting, you will be placed faced down facing your front door and you will have 10 seconds of Spawn Protection. Note that in this state you will still be able to damage others. Teleporting home has no cooldown between uses so you may teleport between houses for quick traveling or transferring of items. Unlike respawning or teleporting to a house through your phone, you may teleport to another home or respawn from within one of your homes by entering the commands "/home tp" or "/spawn".
    The number of properties a player can own starts at 2. Players can increase this number by purchasing House Slot Upgrades from the XP Shop. Gang houses do not count towards this limit.
    You cannot enter a house when you are wanted.
    Gang houses can only be bought by gang members with a rank of admin or higher.
    I'll show you guys some screenshots from the Official MineTheftAuto Wiki Page.
    MineTheftAuto Vehicles.
    Cars are your primary transport from one area to the next. They allow you to move quickly. even up inclines. Much like vanilla horses, cars can accelerate with W and decelerate with S. You can turn the car using the camera, you can switch between this and using A and D by pressing space while driving! (Useful for quickly toggling, shooting behind you and then toggling again to continue normal driving)
    Car: Pegassi Osiris Speed: 2.5 Price: $9,168
    Car: Vapid Bullet Speed: 1.8 Price: $10,293
    Car: Truffade Adder Speed: 2.2 Price: $8,493
    Car: Pegassi Vacca Speed: 2.0 Price: $7,031
    Car: Pegassi Infernus Speed: 1.7 Price: $7,256
    Car: Pegassi Zentorno Speed: 2.4 Price: $9,225
    Car: Overflod Entity XF Speed: 2.5 Price: $7,537
    Car: Grotti Cheetah Speed: 2.1 Price: $6,750
    Car: Grotti Turismo R Speed: 1.7 Price: $7,762
    Car: Coil Voltic Speed: 1.5 Price: $8,212
    Car: Ubermacht Sentinel Speed:1.5 Price:$5,062
    Car: Ubermacht Oracle Speed:1.7 Price:$5,850
    Car:Pfister Comet Speed:1.8 Price:$7,481
    Car:Obey 9F Speed:2.2 Price:$6,412
    Car:Karin Sultan Speed:1.6 Price:$13,162
    Car:Inverto Coquette Speed:1.9 Price:$2,812
    Car:Grotti Carbonizzare Speed:2.5 Price:$18,393
    Car:Bravado Buffalo Speed:1.8 Price:$6,581
    Car:Bravado Banshee Speed:1.8 Price:$7,200
    Car:Benefactor Surano Speed:2.3 Price:$7,368
    Car:Benefactor Feltzer Speed:2.2 Price:$6,918
    Car:Lampadati Felon Speed:1.9 Price:$4,781
    Car:Dewbauchee Exemplar Speed:1.8 Price:$5,625
    Car:Bollokan Prairie Speed:1.0 Price:$2,812
    Car:Vapid Dominator Speed:2.0 Price:$4,781
    Car:Imponte Phoenix Speed:2.0 Price:$4,781
    Car:Declasse Sabre Turbo Speed:1.5 Price:$4,781
    Car:Bravado Gautlet Speed:2.0 Price:$5,625
    Car:Vapid Stanier Speed:1.6 Price:$2,812
    Car:Obey Tailgater Speed:1.9 Price:$2,812
    Car:Karin Intruder Speed:1.9 Price:$2,812
    Car:Enus Super Diamond Speed:1.7 Price:$4,218
    Car:Dundreary Regina Speed:0.9 Price:$2,812
    Car:Cheval Surge Speed:1.7 Price:$2,812
    Car:Albany Washington Speed:1.5 Price:$5,625
    Car:Albany Emperor Speed:1.2 Price:$2,812
    Car:Dinky Blista Speed:1.4 Price:$4,781
    Car:Benefactor Panto Speed:1.3 Price:$2,812
    Car:Vapid Radius Speed:1.5 Price:$4,218
    Car:Gallivanter Baller Speed:1.3 Price:$6,525
    Car:Declasse Rhapsody Speed:0.6 Price:$2,812
    Car:Vulcan Ingot Speed:0.8 Price:$2,812
    Car:Zirconium Stratum Speed:0.5 Price:$2,812
    Car:Dewdjulator (Temporarily Removed)0.2 Price:$200
    Planes allow you to take to the sky and move very quickly from one location to the next.
    To control a plane, one can use the W key to accelerate and S to decelerate. A will bring the nose of the plane up so you can ascend and D will bring it down to descend.
    Be sure to place your plane in a long flat area so you have a runway to take off on. Do not decelerate in the air or crash into any buildings! Doing so could reduce your fancy plane (and you!) to nothing.
    Plane: Besra Speed: 65.0 Price:$50,000
    Plane: Vestra Speed: 28.0 Price:$15,000
    Plane: Miljet Speed: 35.0 Price:$30,000
    Plane: Buckingham Luxor Speed: 28.0 Price:$35,000
    Plane: Buckingham Shamal Speed: 24.5 Price:$30,000
    Plane: Cargo Plane Speed: 17.5 Price:$50,000
    Plane: Duster Speed: 10.5 Price:$7,500
    Plane: Mammatus Speed: 14.0 Price:$10,000
    Plane: P-996 Speed: 69.0 Price:$75,000
    Plane: Hydra Speed: 71.0 Price:$75,000
    Plane: Titan Speed: 73.0 Price:$80,000
    Helicopter: Swift Speed:35.0 Price:$25,000
    Helicopter: Annihilator Speed:28.0 Price:$17,500
    Helicopter: Buzzard Attack Chopper Speed:31.5 Price:$20,000
    Helicopter: Maverick Speed:17.5 Price:$10,000
    Helicopter: Frogger Speed:24.5 Price:$15,000
    Helicopter: Airwolf (Temporarily Removed) Speed:48.0 Price:$65,000
    MineTheftAuto Vigilant.
    • Vigilant points are awarded for killing criminals, which can lead you to get the title of a Cop that any people strive for. You can also loseVigilant by Killing Innocents (NPC Cops, Friendly Cops, and Civilians) and Stealing Cars.
      If you can make 20 Vigilant points after achieving MTA level 12, you can switch to a Cop. P.S. After you get Cop you can switch back toCivilian and do all you want. You will not lose Vigilant as a Civilian.

      (+1 Vigilant for Criminal Kill)
      (-1 Vigilant for NPC Cop Kill)
      (-1 Vigilant for Innocent Kill)
      (-2 Vigilant for Stealing a Cars
    MineTheftAuto Weapons.
    I'll show you guys again some screenshots from the wiki post.
    Guns are the primary weapons in MTA! Below you will find a table with more information about each gun. The damage displayed is the maximum damage done when you are not wearing any armor.
    Gun Attachments
    Gun attachments can be bought, and added to weapons through anvils, in order to increase their capabilities.
    The last thing you want to hear when shooting an opponent is the click of an empty chamber. Keep yourself stocked with ammo and you'll be able to do more than just whack someone with an empty gun.
    Melee Weapons
    - Axyy.
    Having problems with The MTA Resource pack?

    Hey, are you having problems with the MTA resource pack and it just won't load?

    follow the next steps.

    1. Log off, and go to your Server list
    2. Click on Shotbow
    3. Click on ''Edit'' -> bottom left.
    4. Enable "Server Resource Pack''
    5. Restart Minecraft.
    6. Join MTA
    It should work now.
    Not working? Download the MTA resource pack:

    Do you have any other questions / problems? Feel free to pm me.


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