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MTA: Getting Started

Apr 18, 2017
MTA: Getting Started
  • Getting Started

    The following subjects will be explained in this article:
    -= Passive mode =-
    -= Classes and Kits =-
    -= Housing =-

    It is recommended that you follow the offered tutorial upon joining the MTA servers, as it takes you through the basics of the game-play (e.g. stealing cars).

    -= Passive Mode =-
    When you first join the Mine Theft Auto servers, you will be put in Passive mode.
    Being in Passive mode enables you as a new player, to explore the map, features, activities and mechanics of the gamemode. While is passive mode, you can't be attacked by other players. This allows you to rob a bank, or perform a heist, without getting killed by other cops.
    Being in Passive mode doesn't mean you're out of danger whilst having a criminal level. Apart from other players, does the game also come with NPC cops, who will chase you down until you're no longer wanted. The higher your wanted level becomes, the more law enforcement will come after you.

    When you think you've learned enough about the game, and you want to get out of Passive mode, use your phone to disable it. Open your phone and select the second menu ("Civilian app"), and toggle Passive mode.

    You can switch between Passive mode and Normal mode, every 60 minutes.

    -= Classes and Kits =-
    In MTA, there are 2 classes: Cops and Civilians. Which side will you pick? Let's take a look at the possibilities of both the classes.

    As a cop, you are the law-enforcer. Every player that gets themselves a wanted level.
    To become a cop, you will need 20 vigilante points, and a general MTA level of 12. To obtain vigilante points, you have to kill other players who have a criminal level. Every kill you get, will grant you 1 vigilante point.

    Please note, that if you attack a criminal, you will get a wanted level as well, and the cops will also chase you!
    Also note, that if you are the one attacking an innocent player, you will not earn points.

    Once you have met all the requirements, you can change class using the "/changeclass" command. You can also use your phone by going to the "Civilian app", and selecting "Change class" (Baseball bat).

    As a cop, you gain access to all kinds of police utility items, like tasers, handcuffs, and criminal tracers (also available for civilians).
    The taser item can only be used by Lieutenants. Read on to learn more about Cop levels.
    When playing as a cop, your interface on the right-middle side of your screen will change slightly. It will now display the amount of arrests you have. As you get arrests, you will unlock ranks within the PD. Some ranks come with certain perks, that will help you fight off the criminals in town. The following ranks can be unlocked:

    Rookie: This is the initial rank you receive when you join as a cop.
    Officer: 10 arrests. You can now switch between regular cop and SWAT unit. As a SWAT, you are no longer bound by handguns, and can use whatever weapon you need to take down a criminal. Note, that you can only fight level 3 criminals. The regular cop can fight any level of criminal. If someone hits you though, their wanted level will instantaneously be set to 3.
    Sergeant: 50 arrests.
    Captain: 100 arrests.
    Lieutenant: 400 arrests. From this rank forward, you will be able to stun criminals for 5 seconds using the taser from the utility store. This way, you can easily subdue someone using handcuffs.
    Co-Chief: 550 arrests.
    Chief: 1000 arrests. This is the final rank.

    When playing as a cop, you will have access to the Cop kit. You may acquire this kit every time you die, or every 5 minutes (stated as 300 seconds) using the "/kit cop" command.

    As a civilian, you are free to do whatever you want. You can choose to become a vigilante, or to be the greatest criminal. Whilst playing as a civilian, you have countless possibilities. You can go on a heist and rob a bank, become a drugs dealer, or gang master.
    When you commit a crime as a civilian, you will be given a criminal level. This means that you are wanted by the police. You will notice that you will now be attacked by NPC cops. These cops are equipped with 9mm handguns and nightsticks if you are wanted level 1. The higher your wanted level becomes, the more police will follow you, and the heavier armed they will be. There are 6 wanted levels you can acquire:
    Criminal (1): You will get this upon hurting or killing NPC's or other players. You will be followed by casual cops.
    Criminal (2): If you commit more crimes, you will get a higher wanted level. For example, if you decide to shoot the cops that are following you, you will gain 1 wanted level per cop you kill. You will be followed by more cops.
    Criminal (3): From this rank, SWAT cop NPC's and players can kill you too. The NPC's are heavier armed with various weapons. Some have a speed buff as well.
    Thug (4): The Thug rank flags you as a very wanted individual. You will also get FIB NPC's after you, armed with various strong weapons.
    Thug (5): This means that you are 1 level away from being hunted by the entire government. The helicopter Swat will come soon from sky.
    Most Wanted (6): This is the final level. At this stage, you will be hunted down by NPC cops, FIB, SWAT troops and Army troopers. SWATs and the Army troopers are armed with very strong weapons such as flamethrowers and rocket launchers.

    If you wish to lose your wanted level, you will have to evade the cops that are pursuing you. You can do this by foot, by plane, or by car. If you choose to go by car, you can drive to a remote corner of the map, and wait it out. You know you're safe once you get the message:
    "No cops can see you right now. Try and keep it that way!"
    It takes a few moments for your wanted level to drop. But if you get spotted by a cop, you will have to flee again.
    Once you get the message:
    "You are no longer wanted by the police."
    You will be safe, and innocent again.

    As a civilian, you may acquire the civilian kit, using the "/kit civilian" command.

    -= Housing =-
    There's no place like home, even in MTA. You can buy or rent houses, to use as a hiding place, or storage. Each house has a number of chests in them which you can use to store you items in. All these chests are safe, which means only you can access your items.
    Houses are shared, meaning that you may find other people in your house. Don't worry, for all the items in the chests are bound to that person, and are un-accessible for others. when you enter your house, you will be warped in, and be made invisible. This way, you, and the people that also live in the house won't be in each other's way.

    You can buy or rent a house. Rent will be automatically taken from your bank account every week.
    If you would like to read more about housing, visit the Houses wiki page.