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MTA: Gangs

Feb 10, 2018
MTA: Gangs
  • In Mta you can create your own gang (50k cash and 500sb xp) or you can be invited in a gang by an gang admin or owner

    -use /gmsg you can write in the gang chat
    -use /gang add or/ gang kick you can invite or kick players from/in your gang
    -use /gang create gang you can create your own gang
    -use /gang leave you can leafe your gang
    -use /gang set you can set gang members ( if you are a gang admin or owner ) new ranks (recruit,member,admin,senior,co-owner,owner)

    your position in a gang allowes you different things to do
    -recruit allowes to write in the gang chat and enter gang houses
    -member allowes you to store stuff in gang chests
    -admin allowes to invite new players , change players position between member and recruit,kick members, buy gang houses
    -senior allowes to set admins and kick lower players them himself and can sell gang houses set players to gang position admin
    -Co-owner can set set players to gang position senior
    -Owner allowes to kick Co-Owner´s and disban the gang

    you can lv up your gang lv if you split your xp (same xp like lv xp if you split them you level up lower) every gang lv up unlock 2 gang member slots 2lv ups unlock a gang house slot ( At the moment there is still a ganghouse limit for 4 gang houses for each gang )

    You can buy gang houses and store items in the gang chests so everyone in the gang can take them from the chests if they have a higher gang rank than recruit

    Look at the ganghouses on the shotbow wiki page.