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MineZ 2: Sneak Peak

Oct 13, 2014
MineZ 2: Sneak Peak
  • Sneak peek stream by HighlifeTTU
    This is from October 2014
    Summary of features shown off:
    • Reviving is a thing.
    • MineZ 2 will use 1.8 to show the name's of towns when you enter them, as well as when you're dead, and certain timers.
    • It shows off more of the borders system and PvP timers.
    • MineZ 2 will have more types of zombies, like in When in Rogue.
    • There will be weapon lore (descriptions).
    • Swords will have a history system with kills, owners, and more.
    • You will be able to upgrade/break down tools/armor to make them better.
    • You will be able to level up your skills with certain items.
    • MineZ 2 will have 1.5 potions.
    This is just the things that stood out to me, I highly recommend watching it.
    (Put together by boogaert)