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MineZ 2: Getting Started

May 11, 2015
MineZ 2: Getting Started
  • Getting Started

    When you join MineZ 2, you will be presented with an option to play through the tutorial. Even if you are familiar with the first MineZ it is highly recommended to play the tutorial because of the new mechanics and features added in 2.

    When you begin the tutorial you will be asked to perform various tasks and talk to villagers to familiarize yourself with MineZ 2's mechanics. Whether or not you do the tutorial is up to you, many of the new features will be covered in this getting started page.

    Spawning in(top)

    Spawning in is similar to the previous, using the command /MineZ spawn, you may also use the zombie skull. Upon doing either you will be presented with a server selection screen, which will connect you to a MineZ 2 server of your choice. If you have active premium time you will also get a spawn selection screen to choose your spawnpoint.

    Your spawn kit is as follows -
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    - A leather tunic, colored if you are a premium rank. The color provides NO protection whatsoever, just a vanity item.
    - A training sword. Weaker than a wooden sword, just for temporary self defense.
    - A bandage. For healing yourself or others.
    - A water bottle. Filled with clean water.
    - A mysterious eye. Used for communicating globally. Hotbar slot determines channel (ex: slot 4 is Eye channel 4)
    - Three books. One to check the list of recipes in the game, a second to list your proficiencies, and a third to check your stats and achievements. (If you ever lose the books, /recipe, /stats and /prof can be used to check either at any time)

    Everything you spawn with is soulbound and will disappear when dropped.

    The PvE zone(top)

    The spawn area you spawn into, and the spawn towns are all contained in an area called the PvE zone.
    All the way up to Z: 6500 players may not PvP with one another, providing a safe area to grab basic gear for heading north. This area is not safe from zombies however, so you still must be on your toes.

    At the line that PvE ends, a line of red wool will appear in the ground, and a floating sign will warn you that you are leaving the PvE zone. Once you leave you will be vulnerable to other players (watch for others camping the border).

    To prevent players from hopping back and forth easily, crossing back into the PvE zone will leave you PvP tagged for 60 seconds. Other PvP tagged players may still attack and kill you during this time. If you take damage from another player the timer will reset back to 60.

    Weapons & Armor(top)

    Weapons and Armor in MineZ 2 follow a different rule than you are used to. When you find a piece of gear it will come in a Ruined state. These pieces are in a bad state and must be upgraded. Ruined armor has 30% less protection and ruined swords have -1 attack.
    Worn gear can be obtained by upgrading Ruined gear, Which has 100% effectiveness.
    Pristine gear upgraded from Worn gear has 130% effectiveness. (+1 attack on swords)

    To upgrade gear you must place 4 materials of the same type on each side of it on a crafting table. Doing so will upgrade it one level. Going from Ruined --> Worn --> Pristine.
    To obtain material for upgrading, you must break down other gear using an anvil. Place the gear you wish to break down into the interface and after a few seconds it will become raw material.
    Leather, from leather armor, can be used to upgrade leather armor. Wooden planks are used for wooden tools/swords. Every tier of gear will use its own material item. (Chain/stone, Iron, etc.)

    Warning: When using an anvil (or furnace) stay INSIDE the interface while you are using it. Only one player may use these at once and by staying in it others cannot steal what you are making.

    Pickaxes and Axes may also be used to gather stone and wood, respectively.
    9 Stone can be crafted into gravel, and smelted into cobblestone for use in stone tools/swords. Wood blocks can be harvested for sticks, 9 of which will make a single plank block for upgrading.

    As of April 29th, 2015 crafted items will be Worn instead of Ruined.

    Death and Reviving(top)

    Death in MineZ 2 does not necessarily mean the end of your journey. When you go down your inventory will be dropped but you will remain as a ghost for another 60 seconds. While in this state you cannot do much, anything you say will be replaced with gibberish and you may not interact with anything.

    Another alive player may right click you and begin reviving you, which takes time to do and neither of you may be hit or move. When you are revived you will have absolutely nothing, half a heart and low hunger. It is up to you to get your stuff back.
    Should you die within 5 minutes of being revived, you will not become a ghost. Instead you get sent back to spawn.

    Death does not come without penalties, however; your items will lose durability and in some cases even be lost, and of course, many survivors will snag your loot and leave you to die.

    Another thing to note: If you die while infected, you will instead turn into a controllable zombie that dies 30 seconds later, then becoming a ghost. (Becoming a ghost this way only gives you 30 seconds)