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MineZ 2: FAQ

Nov 3, 2014
MineZ 2: FAQ
  • MineZ 2 Frequently Asked Questions
    Put together by boogaert

    Q: Will MineZ 2 be premium only?
    A: No, although as with most gamemodes it will have a premium only Alpha beforehand. Source.

    Q: Will MineZ 2 have a normal full PvE server?
    A: Yes. The staff know some players enjoy a PvE server and it will continue to be a premium perk however, there is PvE in the south and PvP in the North. Source.

    Q: What will the MineZ 2 map be like?
    A: It will be big and populated with buildings like MineZ 1. It will be less wide and more long than the current MineZ. Here is a comparison picture by RedBanHammer.

    Q: Will players keep their spawn items, gold names, etc in MineZ 2?
    A: No. MineZ 2 will be like a whole new game. Source.

    Q: Will the original MineZ be removed once MineZ 2 comes out?
    A: No, both will be here to stay but I expect MineZ servers to be cut down a bit (unconfirmed but MineZ is emptyish now
    anyway). Source.
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