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MineZ: Zombie

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Zombie
  • [IMG]
    Zombies are fast and dangerous brutes - modified by the developers to be clever, relentless and deadly.

    They often travel in packs, and can run almost as fast as you can while sprinting. They have poor vision, but can hear well enough to detect you, especially if you're sprinting and jumping.
    A good way to avoid them is by sneaking. Sneaking reduces your visibility, which makes the zombies less likely to spot you and eat your precious brains.

    About MineZ Zombies(top)

    MineZ zombies run faster than vanilla zombies, and may spawn in packs of 5 or less. If a player is close enough to one, adjacent to or above it, they can "pull" the player a block closer to them from the block the player is standing on. Unlike vanilla zombies, they do not burn in sunlight, take fall or fire damage (when ignited they have a chance of setting a player on fire). Zombies are capable of running at a player at sprinting speed, and can deal much more damage than vanilla zombies.

    If while chasing you a zombie loses sight of you, it will go to your last known location and look around. Zombies will also slowly approach the nearest player if close enough. A good way to avoid them is by sneaking. Sneaking reduces your visibility, which makes the zombies less likely to spot you and eat your precious brains.

    When a player is killed, they will leave a zombie called a Player Zombie. This zombie will have the original player's armor and sword equipped and show the player's head, as well as having the player's nameplate above it. Player zombies are capable of dealing more damage and can have more protection, based on the sword and armor they are wielding. When killed, they will drop everything that player was carrying in their inventory. When a determined period time passed from the player's zombie spawn, it may not drop the loot the dead player had.

    Zombie have around a 5% chance to give you infection. This will deal [IMG] of damage every 10-20 seconds, giving you nausea III for 5 seconds each time. This can be cured by consuming milk or being healed with antibiotic by another player.If left uncured, the infection will bring you down to half a heart but can never kill you, much like poison in vanilla Minecraft.

    In general:
    • Zombies run and swim faster, see further, hit harder, and act smarter.
    • Zombies will chase you until they lose sight of you.
      • If you do manage to outrun them, they will go to your last known location to look around.
    • Zombies are attracted to loud noises such as thrown grenades and shooting bows.
    • Zombies group together and wander around as a group.
    • Whenever a player dies, they turn into a zombie with whatever armor they were wearing, their head in place of a helmet, and the item they were holding, making player zombies much more deadly than normal zombies.
      • They also get a nameplate of the dead player.
    • If a player's zombie is killed, it will drop that player's inventory.
    • If you are hit by a zombie in combat, you have a 5% chance to become infected.
    • Zombies do not take damage from fire (either the block or status), but do take damage from lava.
    • Zombies can spawn in packs of up to 5 zombies.
    • Zombies will pull you toward them if you are up to 2 blocks above, next to or below them.


    • 25% chance to drop rotten flesh. [IMG]
    • Zombies from trapped chests can sometimes drop the contents of that chest when killed. They can also wear and wield the contents of the chests (i.e. military loot chests)
    • After killing 5 thousand zombies in a single life you will get a permanent speed potion [IMG] in your spawn kit.