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MineZ: Weapons

May 12, 2018
MineZ: Weapons

  • Weapons (top)

    Weapons are items whose primary utility is to inflict damage on players and zombies. All weapons spawn with less than full durability, forcing the player to constantly repair their gear. Repairing an item will essentially combine two identical items and their durability together while adding another 10% durability. This means it is most effective to repair items if their total durability is less than 90%. (Before the 10% bonus.)

    When enchanted items are repaired, any enchantments are lost. This requires the player to decide on keeping a few enchanted swords to clear zombies quicker, or to repair them into one longer lasting sword than those combined.

    List of weapons (top)

    Name Image Damage Max Durability Notes
    Wooden Sword [IMG] [IMG][IMG] 60 -
    Stone Sword [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] 132 -
    Iron Sword [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] 251 Sometimes found with an enchantment in Mil_rare and Mil_epic chests.
    Enchantments in Mil_rare can either be Smite I or Smite I, Knockback I.
    Enchantments in Mil_epic can be Smite I, II or III, and can include Knockback I.
    Enchantments from Grave Robbing can be Smite II and Knockback I or Smite IV and Knockback I.
    Diamond Sword [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] 1562 Obtained by killing a Giant.
    Stone Axe [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] 132 Crouch to hit multiple zombies with one swing.
    Iron Axe [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] 251 Obtained by killing a Giant. Same mechanics as the stone axe.
    Iron Shovel [IMG] [IMG][IMG][IMG] 251 Primarly used for Grave Robbing. Since this is a tool, hitting zombies or players with it will take away 2 durability. Spawns with full durability.
    Bow & Arrow [IMG] Varies. Max is: [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] 385 Damage dealt depends on pullback. Zombies can also be hit with a headshot for 2x damage.
    Successfully hitting a zombie with an arrow will increase your visibility and attract nearby zombies.
    Sometimes found with an enchantment in Mil_rare and Mil_epic chests.
    Enchantments in Mil_rare can either be Power I or Power I, Punch I.
    Enchantments in Mil_epic chests can be Power I or II, and can include Punch I.
    Enchantments from Grave Robbing can only be Power I and Punch I. It drops with full durability.
    A Giant has a chance to drop a bow with Infinity I.
    Grenade [IMG] Varies. Max is: [IMG][IMG][IMG] 1 Damages all nearby zombies and players in the area where it lands, possibly causing immediate death.
    The sound attracts zombies as far as 100m away.
    There's a time delay of about 3 seconds between throws.
    The explosion can remove web blocks.
    Any type of armor does not protect against the explosion. 3-4 grenades can kill someone with full iron armor with direct hits.
    Flash Grenade [IMG] None 1 Acts as a flash grenade. Goes off 2 seconds after hitting the ground, inflicting those in its radius with Blindness III for 6 seconds and Nausea III for 12 seconds. Does no damage. You do not need to be facing it to get the status effects.

    Special Weapons(top)

    These weapons aren't obtained through normal chests, usually being found in difficult areas such as dungeons, and usually have special properties.

    Go to the link below for further information:

    MineZ: Legendary Items.