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MineZ: Tools

Mar 30, 2018
MineZ: Tools
  • Tools provide certain levels of functionality to the game. Shovels can be used to clear cobwebs and cactus; hoes can be used to harvest extra food in the from of melons, wheat and mushrooms. Cobwebs can be used to bottleneck zombies and players; or prevent access to any location requiring a jump to do so. Cacti can be used in the desert to fortify a doorway and kill zombies attempting to get at you.

    Obtained from Tool Chests(top)

    Name Image Attributes
    Wooden Hoe [IMG] Used to harvest wheat, melons, and mushrooms.
    Shears [IMG] Used last in the healing process to 'cut the bandage' and heal the other player.
    Also found in civilian chests.
    Shovel [IMG] Used to break cobwebs, cactus, and rob graves.
    Stone Axe [IMG] When crouching it can be used as a weapon to hit and kill multiple zombies.
    Stone Button [IMG] Used to open iron doors and hidden rooms. Disappears after 70 seconds. Can also be obtained through Grave Robbing.
    Cobweb [IMG] Placeable. Significantly slows down players and zombies that touch it.
    Can be used to restrict jumping to higher ground, or for safe falls.
    Can be destroyed by an iron shovel, and grenades push them away.
    Cactus [IMG] Placeable (on sand). Deals half a heart of damage when touched.
    Right-click to cover yourself in thorns, for 15 seconds, to deal damage to players that hit you.
    Left-click to have a small chance to inflict bleeding to players.
    Bottle [IMG] Can be refilled at any water source or cauldron.
    Also found in civilian chests.
    Note: There are water bottles inside civ_common chests.

    Healing Tools(top)

    Name Image Attributes
    Bandage [IMG] Right click to use. Heals [IMG]when not bleeding.
    Healing Ointment [IMG] Used in the healing process (Left click after left clicking with bandage).
    Its maximum stack size is 3.
    Antibiotics [IMG] Used in the healing process to cure infection.
    Its maximum stack size is 3.
    Shears [IMG] Used last in the healing process to 'cut the bandage' and heal the other player.
    Also found in civilian chests.
    Note: Healing Ointment is not essential to heal another player; using a bandage and shears will heal them a little, but this will heal more by extending the regeneration effect.

    Other Tools(top)

    Name Image Found In Attributes
    Eye of Ender [IMG] Spawn Kit Provides a global chat channel while in the hotbar.
    The slot it is put in determines the "channel." Ex: Slot 4 (Default) means you talk on channel 4
    Right click air while holding the Eye to initiate a safe logout. (The same as typing /logout).
    Weak Grapple [IMG] Players with Premium before August 1st 2014, XP Shop, or completing the Archer achievement Allows players to latch onto blocks and swing up to them. Has 8 uses.
    Gun Powder [IMG] Mil_epic, mil_mythic, room_uncommon, room_rare and Ghost Ship chests Used with brewing stand to turn drinkable potions into splash potions.
    Glowstone Dust [IMG] Pots_rare, mil_epic, mil_mythic, room_uncommon, room_rare Floating Islands and Wind Spire chests Used with brewing stand to increase the strength of potions.

    Note: Cannot be used to brew potions of healing II to potions of healing III
    Old Gnawed Bone [IMG] Fire Spire Allows access to the Asindia Ruins located under Archaeological Dig Site.
    Snowball [IMG] Civilian chests When thrown it attracts all nearby zombies. Zombies attracted by the snowball will slowly walk up to the nearest player.
    Its maximum stack size is 3.
    Note: It's not recommended that you use the snowball when you are alone, since zombies track the nearest player.


    • Stone pickaxes used to spawn in chests but since the Settlement project has been removed, the pickaxe did the same.