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MineZ: Tips

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Tips
  • Here are some tips to help enhance your MineZ gameplay!

    - If someone has a Bandit next to their tag, they will most likely kill you, but some people get them in self-defense. Observe them and watch them before confronting them to decide if they will attack you or not.

    - If someone has a Healer next to their tag, they will most likely heal you, but not all people with healer tags are friendly. Again, watch players and decide for yourself if they are hostile.

    - Adding items to your spawn kit is a very good decision. Try to complete achievements or get enough XP to buy them on the XP Shop.

    - Being a bandit is not always the best decision. Sometimes, being passive is better! Plus, if you are a healer, you get Shotbow XP a lot quicker, and people will likely have more respect for you.

    - Hit the loot chests to quickly obtain its contents to keep players from attacking you while you are viewing inside a chest.

    - When camping chests in an area, hit them to break them so you can easily tell if the chest has respawned with new contents.

    - Turning sound (or captions) on is very useful for sensing approaching zombies, players, and nearby zombie pigmen.

    - Instead of carrying extra armor, fully repair your leather, chain, or iron before leaving a town, if possible. This will save inventory space.

    - If you have the slightest feeling of mistrust towards a player, act as if they are aggressive and take necessary action whether that be attacking or avoiding them.

    - Right off spawn, if you see any player, right click your shield to show you are peaceful, do not attack them unless you are a bandit .

    - If you see a player who has seemed to have killed someone and there are zombie players there, do not take the stuff! These players who kill are likely bandits.

    - Skype/Mumble/Discord teaming is best, it makes it easier to talk and plan with your group of survivors.

    - Although it's recommended to travel North with friends, it is possible to survive North alone. Just play it safe!

    - ALWAYS have health potions with you, preferably splash II potions or better.

    -It is a good idea to keep at least one bandage and at least one antidote on you if traveling alone.

    Following exactly these steps may strengthen your gaming skills in MineZ. More tips will be up soon!