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MineZ: Thirst

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Thirst
  • Thirst is an added mechanic similar to Hunger. It is indicated by the number of levels you have above your visibility (experience) bar, with 20 representing "full". Over time, a player's thirst will drain, taking approximately 15 minutes to fully deplete. Thirst will always deplete over time, whether you're moving or not, so it is not recommended to remain idle for long periods of time.

    The only way to restore your thirst is to drink a water bottle ([IMG]). Drinking water will always bring your thirst back to 20, so it is recommended you only drink when next to a water source or while your thirst is less than 3. Always be sure to keep extra water bottles on hand as many areas do not have a source near them. The Water Bottle is a default item on the spawnkit for a MineZ player, it also spawns in civ_common loot chests.

    Should you reach 0 thirst, you will begin taking a heart of damage every second until you either drink some water or die of dehydration.

    Thirst (Yellow Arrow) is the experience level. The sound meter (Green Arrow) is the experience bar.
    The blue arrow is pointing at the text that displays when you reach a certain thirst level, such as 9, 4 or 1.