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MineZ: Spawn Kit

Mar 30, 2018
MineZ: Spawn Kit
  • The current spawn kit in MineZ includes 8 (9 For Pre-EULA Premiums) items by default. More items can be added to the spawn kit for those that have achievements, although most are temporary. To change the way your spawn items are set organize them how you want to and type /prefs to save the loadout.

    Default Spawn Kit(top)

    The current default spawn kit is as follows:
    • [IMG] Leather Tunic
    • [IMG] Wooden Sword
    • [IMG] Bandage
    • [IMG] Water Bottle
    • [IMG] Eye of Ender (Radio)

    Shotbow XP Purchase Items(top)

    • [IMG]Speed Potion
    • [IMG]Golden Sword
    • [IMG]Stone Sword
    • [IMG]Stone Axe
    • [IMG]Bow
    • [IMG]15 Arrows
    • [IMG]Grenade
    • [IMG]Weak Grapple
    • [IMG]Bandage
    • [IMG]Hemostatic Powder
    • [IMG]Antibiotics
    • [IMG]Shears
    • [IMG]4 Cookies


    • All items (except an eye of ender) obtained through the spawn kit are soulbound.
    • What does this mean? It means when the player tries to drop the item it will instead be destroyed. Player zombies will not drop soulbound items, such as arrows , water bottles, speed potions, bandages, etc. Weapons and armor will also not be dropped if they are soulbound.
    • Soulbound items can't be stacked with normal items. A stack of 5 arrows obtained from an achievement will not stack with arrows from loot chests.
    • Water bottles can become "unsoulbound" by using and filling them up at spawn.

    Coloured Tunics(top)

    • Premiums players at Silver+ will get their spawn kit armor dyed a color based on their rank.


    • Unlocking certain ones will add items to the spawn kit for a certain amount of time. This time is usually 24 hours, but some are permanently unlocked. To see what you can get, see the Achievements page.