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MineZ: Zombie Pigman

Jul 5, 2018
MineZ: Zombie Pigman
  • [IMG]
    Zombie Pigmen were added to the game on November 30, 2012 by MrSnare and Lazertester. Zombie Pigmen are much more dangerous than Zombies so watch out! When encountering hostiles like these, use ranged weapon like bow or grenade if possible. If you have no ranged weapon, try your best to stay away from it.

    About Zombie Pigmen(top)

    When killed, a zombie pigman will explode and spawn 4 zombies, and below Z -2000, they have a small chance of spawning another zombie pigman in it's place. Like Zombies, Pigmen don't take fall damage. They're as slow as in vanilla minecraft but are just as quick, if not quicker, than Zombies when swimming.
    Zombie Pigmen only have [IMG] of health. Their attacks can deal [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] [IMG]on an unarmored player. Upon death, they'll explode and 4 zombies will spawn, although sometimes some of those 4 can be either another Zombie Pigman or a Baby Zombie Pigman. The explosion itself can deal up to [IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] of damage on an unarmored player.

    In the wilderness they can only spawn below Z:-2000 but they can be in any dungeon on the map.

    The Zombie Pigman's visibility range is not like a regular zombie's - They can see you, sneaking, walking, or standing still from what would be a sprinting distance for regular zombies.

    Note: When digging graves farther up North or using a Zombie Bow, there is a chance a Zombie Pigman might spawn! Either Baby or Adult.

    Baby Pigmen(top)

    Baby pigmen were added to the game to spawn from a Zombie Pigman, but were later altered to just be a rare spawn up North. They have low health, but do large amounts of damage, and explode when slain, causing a knockback effect with large magnitude and damage, similar to the adults. They can very easily overwhelm a player due to their size and speed, but they do not swim as fast as normal zombies, so it is recommended to head for large bodies of water where the baby zombies will not be as fast and thus easier to kill.