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MineZ: Legendary Items

Jun 2, 2018
MineZ: Legendary Items
  • Name Image Notes Dungeon
    Corsair's Edge [IMG] Deals 33% More damage to people who wield a Diamond Sword. Ghost Fleet
    Endeavour [IMG] Deals 60% more damage if you have less health than the player you are attacking. St. Roseluck Crypt
    Flail [IMG] Does less damage when you have high health. Does more damage when you have low health. Aeternalis Crypt
    Gamble [IMG] Has a 25% chance to deal a random damage of 5 hearts or below to you and the target when you attack a mob/player. Red Demon Temple
    Hurter [IMG] Damages the player hit for 0 hearts multiple times per second for 5 seconds. Mantle
    Ipse's Folly [IMG] When Right Clicked, It takes away 5 hearts from the user however gives out Regeneration II for 15 seconds to the people around you. Ghost Fleet
    Kikuichimonji [IMG] Has a 33.3% chance to give poison 1 for 3 seconds to who you hit. Also has a 33.3% chance to give poison 1 for three seconds to yourself. Does the damage of a iron sword. Veleno Temple
    Lone Sword [IMG] Heals 2 hearts when right clicked. Has a cooldown of 60 seconds and loses 10 durability per use. Maze of the Tenth
    Muramasa [IMG] Has a chance to take away half a hunger on hit. Wizard Tower
    Night's Shadow [IMG] Has a 15% chance to give Nausea IV for 8 seconds and only works at night. Warped Ruins
    Overkill [IMG] One hit deals 5 hearts of damage, but gives you weakness effect for 10 seconds. Byesford Labs
    Peace [IMG] Has a chance to give you or who you attack Weakness II for 3 seconds on hit. Sunken Library
    Robber's Blade [IMG] When you hit a player, the sword breaks and is replaced by a random item from the target's inventory. (Does not work on PvE or on Soulbound items). Lost Thieves Guild
    Vampyr [IMG] Has a 25% chance to heal half a heart to the attacker. The message "You sucked some blood" will display upon a succesful hit. Dark Mansion

    Legendary Bows(top)

    Name Image Notes Dungeon
    Binding Bow [IMG] Gives Slowness III for 5 seconds on hit. Anvalia Mines
    Heal Bow [IMG] Heals the player hit by its shot by 4 hearts . Takes 2 arrows every shot. Lorfaul Mines
    Quiet [IMG] Makes a ghast sound when hitting a player. Sunken Library
    Rocksteady [IMG] Gives Resistance III and Slowness III for 4 seconds to the person shot. Byesford Labs
    Shotbow [IMG] Shoots 7 arrows at once. Loses 3 durability every shot. Only works with at least 7 arrows and full charge. NOTE:The shotbow looks like a normal bow, not the image shown. Mount Therum
    Spike Thrower [IMG] When you shoot and hit a player, 8 arrows scatter around that player in any direction. Mantle
    Truth Bow [IMG] Displays the health of who you hit with the bow. Aeternalis Crypt
    Venom Bow [IMG] Gives Poison I, Nausea II and Speed III for 4 seconds to the person shot. Only works with at least 5 arrows and full charge. Flooded Tunnels
    Void Bow [IMG] Removes all status effects on the player hit by its shot. Only works with at least 5 arrows and full charge. Void Shrine
    Zombie Bow [IMG] Shoots zombie eggs instead of arrows. Zombie eggs have a small chance to turn into zombies upon contact with the ground. Zombie eggs don't do any damage. Only works with at least 3 arrows and full charge. Devil's Respite

    Legendary Armour(top)

    Name Image Notes Dungeon
    Binding Helmet [IMG] Taking damage will inflict Slowness I for 5 seconds on the attacker. Krubera Vault
    Ninja Sandals [IMG] You get Speed II for 5 seconds when hit. Necromancer Tower
    Rabbit Feet [IMG] Gives a Jump Boost IV and Slowness V effect while worn. Exolesco Tunnels
    Rubber Shield [IMG] Reduces damage taken by bow, but increases damage taken by sword. St. Roseluck Crypt

    Other Legendary Items(top)

    Name Image Notes Dungeon
    Earth Shaker [IMG] When left clicked on ground knocks zombies and pigmen back a random distance (usually 5-20 blocks) Saward Crypt
    Meteor Rain [IMG] Shoots a volley of fireballs where you right click. Has one-time use only. Meteor Crater
    Zombie Head [IMG] Reduces visibility bar by 50%. Devil's Respite

    Paluster Shrine Legendaries(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Pluvia's Storm [IMG] Removes half a hunger from the target upon hit.
    Pluvia's Rain [IMG] Gives Hunger for 5 seconds to the target upon hit. Only works with at least 3 arrows and full charge.
    Pluvia's Tempest [IMG] Has a chance to heal half a heart when someone hits you.
    Pluvia's Hail [IMG] Gives Regeneration V for 2 seconds (6.5 hearts), resets thirst to full and refills 2 hunger.

    Frostbain Catacombs Legendaries(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Agni's Rage [IMG] Has a chance to set the target on fire, plays a creeper sound when the target is hit.
    Agni's Fury [IMG] Strikes a bolt of lightning upon the target, or wherever the arrow lands. Only works with at least 3 arrows and full charge.
    Agni's Wrath [IMG] Has a chance to light the attacker on fire.
    Agni's Ire [IMG] Gives Blindness I for 15 seconds and plays a low pitched growling sound throughout the potion's duration.

    Anemos Sanctum Legendaries(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Simoon's Song [IMG] Gives the user Speed I for 10 seconds and has a chance to inflict a semi-powerful knockback effect on hit. The knockback effect is greater, if the player you hit also has a Simoon's Song or is in the air.
    Simoon's Melody
    Broken 10/12/15
    [IMG] Only works with at least 3 arrows and full charge.
    Simoon's Sonata [IMG] Gives Speed I for 5 seconds upon getting hit.
    Simoon's Tune [IMG] Gives Speed III and Jump Boost III for 15 seconds.

    Desert Canyon Sanctuary Legendaries(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Therum's Strength [IMG] Reduces armour durability by 25 percent on hit.
    Therum's Power [IMG] Reduces armour durability by 25 percent on hit. Only works with at least 3 arrows and full charge.
    Therum's Force [IMG] Gives Resistance I for 5 seconds and loses 10 durability upon getting hit.
    Therum's Might [IMG] Gives Slowness III and Resistance III for 15 seconds.

    Shrine of the Dusk Legendaries(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Dentril's Fear [IMG] Has a chance to give Poison II and Nausea II for 3 seconds on hit. Plays a ghast sound, if successfully used.
    Dentril's Fright [IMG] Gives Poison II and Nausea II for 3 seconds on hit. Only works with at least 3 arrows and full charge.
    Dentril's Terror [IMG] Has a chance to inflict Poison I and Nausea II for 3 seconds on the attacker. Plays a ghast sound, if successfully used.
    Dentril's Dread [IMG] Gives Invisibility III and Weakness III for 15 seconds.

    Retired Legendaries(top)

    These items were obtainable in dungeons but have since been removed and are now rare collectors items
    Name Image Notes
    Battle Sign [IMG] Does the damage of an iron sword but has no durability bar. Works on players only.
    Grey Bow [IMG] Removes all status effects on the player hit by its shot.
    Heal Sword [IMG] Has a chance to heal the player hit by half a heart
    Helmet of Vision [IMG] Gives permanent Night Vision IV when worn. For it to work you must remove all armor while it is on and then put armor back on.
    Masamune [IMG] Heals 1.5 hearts hearts when you block. Has a 1 minute cool down and takes away 5 or 10 durability per use.
    Oni Mask [IMG] Reduces the damage taken by a diamond sword.
    Phantom Blade [IMG] When you hit a player you are pulled toward them.
    Sacrificial Sword [IMG] This weapon when right-clicked will clear your inventory and bring you to 0.5 hearts but will give up to 4 nearby players regeneration I for 30 seconds. Plays an iron golem sound when used.
    Slow Bow [IMG] Gives Slowness III for 2 seconds on hit.
    Thorned Crown [IMG] Normal leather helmet with Thorns III enchantment.

    Event Only Legendary Items(top)

    Name Image Notes
    Gorgon's Gaze [IMG] If the wearer takes damage, the helmet inflicts Slowness I for 3 seconds on the assailant.
    Grass Blade [IMG] Deals the damage of an iron sword, but sprays grass particles when you attack with it.
    Mjolnir [IMG] Strikes lightning where you right click. Has a cooldown of 10 seconds and loses 100 durability per use.
    Spray Painter [IMG] Shoots colourful and explosive wool blocks. Only works with at least 5 arrows and full charge. Takes 6 arrows per use, if you have more than 5.
    Spookyfest Pumpkin [IMG] A special pumpkin that spawns in the Halloween Spookyfest chests. Shifting while wearing the pumpkin gives nausea to players nearby and gives them the message "You've been spooked!"
    Tenseiga [IMG] Heals a 1.5 hearts per hit to the target.
    Wither Shot [IMG] Shoots wither skulls that explode and give players hit Wither II for 2 seconds. Has a cooldown of 10 seconds.


    • Agni is the The Hindu God of Fire. Agni Ignis is Latin for Fire of Agni. Agni's Spire is the strongest, named the "Fire Spire".
    • Simoon is the God of Wind. Also, Simoon or (Simoom) is actually the name for a strong local wind that blows in the Saharan desert. Therefore, Simoon's Song refers to the strong wind (Since of its powerful knockback). Simoon is also a card in Magic The Gathering. Simoon's Spire is the "Wind Spire".
    • Pluvia is the God of water. Pluvia is Latin for Rain. (So, Pluvia's Rain literally means Rain's rain). Pluvia's Spire is the "Water Spire" near Outpost Adera.
    • Therum is the Goddess of Earth. Therum's spire sits atop the Floating Islands.
    • Mjolnir: This event legendary comes from Mjölnir, otherwise known as Thor's hammer. For those who don't know, Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. Fitting, as this item uses lightning to smite enemies.
    • Ipse's Folly: Ipse is Latin for He, and a "Folly" is a state of foolishness- could possibly suggest that using the sword is a mistake.
    • Corsair's Edge: A Corsair is the same as a pirate. Since this blade does more damage to those wielding diamond swords, this could be a metaphor for a battle between a pirate and, say, a royal naval vessel. The former is most likely outgeared, and thus needs a Corsair's Edge to win the battle.
    • Vampyr: Fairly obvious, Vampyr is Latin for Vampires. Hence, this sword will heal you half a heart sometimes why you hit players and display the message "You sucked some blood."
    • Muramasa: Muramasa Sengo was a famous swordsmith who lived in the 1500s in Japan. Legend has it his blades could drive his opponent mad, often to suicide after the fight. (Muramasa steals hunger)
    • Masamune: Masamune was another Japanese swordsmith, from slightly earlier than Muramasa (Late 13th - early 14th centuries). His works were known for being of great beauty and splendor. This may be the reason the Masamune legendary in MineZ heals the user. Masamune is arguably Japan's most famous swordsmith--to this day, an award is given out annually called the Masamune Prize and is only given to works of exceptional beauty and perfection.
    • Kikuichimonji: Kiku-ichimonji is the name given to the collection of thirteen swords created at a special sword-making convention for a Japanese Emperor in 1208 AD. There is no connection.
    • Oni's Mask: Oni are characters of Japanese mythology/folklore, commonly depicted as demons, ogres, or other unappealing creatures.
    • Gorgon's Gaze: According to Greek Literature, the term Gorgon commonly refers to any of three sisters who had hair made of living, venomous snakes, as well as a gaze that turned those who beheld her to stone. This explains why hitting the wearer gives the attacker Slowness, as in hitting they're gazing into the Gorgon's eyes and getting turned into stone.
    • The Tenseiga is a sword found in the InuYasha manga sieres. It had a special property in it that it could not harm or kill any living beings however, it was able to but and badly injure beings from the realm of the dead. In the world of the living, its power lay in the fact that Tenseiga could resurrect the dead and heal the wounded. The last property matches with the legendary's ability to heal others on hit.
    • The Zombie Head, while listed as an Event Only Legendary Item, was once obtainable from the Frostbain Catacombs, having a 1% chance of spawning in the loot room, prior to the Secret Project Update in August 2015.
    • The Battlesign is an old legendary that used to be obtainable in Dark Mansion. It is a reference to the Battlesign weapon type in the Tinker's Construct mod.
    • The Origins Part 1 Update reintroduced legendaries that were either Event Legendaries (such as Peace, Quiet And Zombie Head), or Pre-Secret Project Update Legendaries. (such as Corsair's Edge, Vampyr and Gamble.) There were also new Legendaries introduced (such as Endeavour, Meteor Rain and Venom Bow.)
    • In the Origins Part 2 Update more legendaries will be introduced/reintroduced. It is likely that one of the legendaries will come from the "New Legendary Ideas" forum page.
    • The Origins Part 1 Update also removed the Secret Project Update Legendaries Helmet of Vision and Heal Sword.
    • The Elite Legendary dispensers in Elite Dungeons usually have randomized Legendary drops. The Legendary sword and bow have a 1/3 chance, the potion have a 2/9 chance and the chestplate has a 1/9 chance. The only exception is Shrine of the Dusk, where the potion drop chance is 1/9 to make space for the Dusk Fragment.