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MineZ: Infection

Jul 19, 2018
MineZ: Infection
  • Upon hit from a zombie or pigman, the player has a 2.5% chance of contracting the infection. The player also has a 5% chance of becoming infected upon ingestion of rotten flesh. Infection causes half a heart [IMG] of damage every 10-20 seconds and causes Nausea for a few seconds each time, making movement harder.

    Infection can be cured in two different ways. The first is by drinking milk [IMG].
    The second is by using a bandage [IMG] applying a antibiotics [IMG] and shears [IMG]. Players cannot administer antibiotics to themselves, only to each other.

    If left uncured, infection will continue to cause damage, but it will not be fatal. The lowest infection can bring one to is half a heart, much like poison would in vanilla Minecraft. However, if you are left at half a heart while infected and logout, you will die upon rejoining again.